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Get Your QUICKs Quickly!🤩

Guys, did you know that thanks to our partnership with QuickSwap you can farm QUICKs through the DeHive platform directly within our DApp! Isn’t it awesome?

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Due to DeHive recent partnership with QuickSwap DEX we have opened the liquidity pool where you can earn QUICK tokens by staking QUICK-DHV LP tokens through the DeHive DApp! You should proceed with the following steps:

  1. Go to switch to Polygon mainnet.

2. Go to “Staking” section and find DHV-QUICK LP pool.

3. Here you can stake your DHV-QUICK LPs and earn QUICKs in reward with the current APY 1317% for TVL $276966.62 DHV-QUICK. In order to get them, please press the “Get DHV/QUICK” button.

💥But this is not the end, bees! According to our partnership with QuickSwap, you can convert the earned QUICKs into dQUICKs and stake them in the Syrup Pool💥

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