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Meet BSC-deCluster – The First Yield Generating Index for Binance Smart Chain🔥🤩

It’s been a while since we released a new Cluster, right? Just kidding, the NFT Poly-Gaming Cluster was just released a month ago.

Yet, we are not ready to stop, and we are sure neither are you. So please welcome our new BSC-deCluster!

Binance Smart Chain is one of the most popular networks nowadays, and, of course, we couldn’t stay aside. That’s why we’ve chosen it to be the basis of our next Cluster. Now, you’ll be able to benefit from easy and fast DeFi asset management with yield farming possibilities on BSC.

All the coins inside of the BSC-deCluster were carefully selected by our DeFi professionals so that you can get maximum profit. Here’s a list of the Cluster underlyings:



⭐️ MDX (Mdex)

⭐️ XVS (Venus)


⭐️ BANANA (Apeswap)


⭐️ EPS (Ellipsis)

Looking good, right? Can’t wait to see BSC-deCluster on the DeHive platform and generate more profit with your favorite cryptocurrency with no stress.

Remember the latest Tweeter contest from us regarding the BSC-deCluster tokens? @GiveMeCryptoPlz was the first to guess $DODO and $CAKE as the underlyings for this Cluster! So congratulations to the winner🥳🏆🏅

Check the tweet here 👉🏻

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