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Please Meet the Upgraded Modern DeHive dApp 2.0🎉🚀

Hey, fellow Hivers!

We’ve got amazing news this week, and we can’t wait to share it.

As you know, our team is constantly working on the product, adding new features, developing tools and deploying updates. And today, the time has come to release the fundamentally upgraded Dehive dApp 2.0 that will boost your user experience and enable lots of innovations in the future.

The Upgraded Modern DeHive dApp 2.0

Update details

This release is a huge technical update that we see as a migration from the first version of the DeHive dApp to DeHive 2.0. And even though you won’t need to migrate your data or switch to another application, you will feel all the benefits of the upgraded platform.

So what’s new about the DeHive dApp? Let’s see.

The new application is a modern solution that is built on a brand-new architecture and framework. We’ve made the dApp modular and, thus, easily upgradeable so that you can enjoy new features and updates much faster and use them more efficiently.

Besides, the DeHive dApp 2.0 is more stable when it comes to the work with blockchain nodes, which means that the information will be loaded faster, and you’ll rarely experience connection loss.

On top of the technical upgrade, we continuously improve UI/UX to make the dApp even more convenient. We strive to optimize your user journey and provide the best possible user experience in the world of DeFi.

We believe that only by combining technical and visual development we can reach our goal and achieve the level of the DeFi 2.0 protocol.

Future plans

The release of the DeHive dApp 2.0 opens plenty of opportunities for further product development. As we’ve mentioned before, the new architecture allows us to release platform updates much faster, which means that you will hear from us soon 😉

At the moment, we plan on adding several new features, including Cluster charts and new wallets integration. And in terms of UI/UX, you should expect more visual elements and infographics in the near future.

We hope that you are as excited about this update as we are! It is a truly new era of the DeHive development, and we are happy to share it with you ❤️

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