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Step by Step guide on How to Stake $DHV On UniFarm

Beeees, the $DHV staking pool on UniFarm launches TOMORROW May 18 at 1:30 PM UTC 😱🚀 Let’s discuss some basic rules to enter!

Just a quick reminder of $DHV staking terms:

⏰$DHV Staking START: May 18 at 1:30 PM UTC


🐝$DHV pool: $25 000

🤑Maximum APY: 250%

Get more details about DHV Staking On UniFarm.

We want to make your participation as smooth as possible, so please go carefully through this detailed guide on How to Stake DHV on UniFarm.

Please note: the UniFarm team works so hard to bring the best UX for you and adjust some new features on the ongoing basis. Therefore you might notice a slight difference when executing on mainnet, don’t worry😃

UniFarm Cohort 8 will support MetaMask, CoinBase and Trust Wallet. In this instruction we will use the MetaMask wallet to show the example.

Step 1

Proceed to the main page and press Launch App.

Step 2

Press [Connect wallet] and choose your wallet.

Once it is connected, the UniFarm website will display your wallet address in the top right corner.

Step 3

Select the DHV token from the drop-down menu. You can also check the maximum amount of DHV you can stake in the field below.

Step 4

Click on [Show me available pools] button.

After entering the amount of DHV you want to stake, you will see which pools are available for DHV tokens.

Then you will see all the active pools for DHV tokens along with token reward information, APY, lock-in period, etc.

Step 5

Click on [Stake Now] button to see the expected return for 90-days staking.

Step 6

Click [Approve] to proceed.

Step 7

Click [Confirm transaction] in the (MetaMask) pop-up window. Please note, that approval for DHV staking will require gas fee.

Please, wait for confirmation notification, it may take some time.

Step 8

Once your transaction is approved, click on the [STAKE] button to proceed.

Step 9

Once again, click [Confirm transaction] in the (MetaMask) pop-up window and wait for the confirmation notification.

CONGRATULATIONS🥳 You have successfully staked DHV tokens on UniFarm.

Check Your Stake Unstake

Click on [My Stakes] button to view the list of all your staked tokens & info regarding the reward, APY, lock-in, etc.

How to Unstake

If you want to unstake, click on the [Unstake and Claim] button to unstake your tokens.

Please note, that the Unstake & Claim option will be inactive for the locked tokens and will be active once the locking period is over.

UniFarm will prompt you to confirm your unstaking decision in the pop-up window from your wallet. Click confirm to [Unstake] or click on [Cancel] to continue with current stakings.

How to Claim Stake

If you want to claim, click on the [Unstake and Claim] button to claim your tokens.

Click [Connect Wallet] and you will be prompted to connect your MetaMask. Click [Claim] to proceed.

If you have any questions get in touch with UniFarm team through OroPocket telegram support 👉🏼

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