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Let us introduce our next partner — Titans Ventures. Welcome to DeHive’s family of long-lasting partners and backers!

Titans Ventures is a well-established Asian-based group of crypto investors and entrepreneurs. Their main focus is turned to applicability as well as long-term development while creating real value for newborn projects in crypto and blockchain industries.

Titans Ventures combines a community of long-term solid investors, strategies, crypto advocates, entrepreneurs that favor the growth and development of the crypto market. They have effectively connected with 10+ communities with around 100,000 members and successfully supported over 40 leading Blockchain projects so far. Having such a team of experts behind will be a great astute for DeHive further expansion.

DeHive and Titans share the same values in terms of bringing convenience, accessibility, efficiency, safety, and security to the current DeFi space. Therefore, we are confident that this strategic partnership brings us one step closer to our goal.

Keep track of all updates and upcoming partnership announcements on our official media channels.


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Team DeHive

Team DeHive

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