Week 4: Choosing the designs

For this week, the goal was relatively simple: coming up with designs for the world of Gungans and choosing the potential designs for the next phase. We needed to come up with ideas for the world: What product or services would exist there, based on our previous meeting results and our understanding of their world?

Brainstorming the ideas

To make the brainstorming session more efficient, we began by writing down potential groups that the designs or products would then exist. This helped us to get the process started. Under each category we then wrote down all the ideas that came up. The aim was also to make sure the previously established world rules would apply to the ideas.

Formal ideas

After all the ideas were written down, we went through the list again, discussing about each idea in more detail and verifying if we as a group would agree on them to fit in the world. We then wrote down the “formal” names of the ideas on post-it notes.

Going into more details

For each idea we then wrote down answers for the following questions:

  • What does the object do?
  • Who is it for?
  • What is its function in the society it’s being designed for?

This process would give us a better understanding what we should be aiming for with our design. All of our ideas can be found in the table below.

Finally, each member of our group chose 2-3 potential and most interesting concepts. I myself chose the Stun gun, Motion detector and Hoverboard. These concepts will be now brainstormed among ourselves for the next meeting, where we will be discussing the ideas of our chosen designs: How will it look like, how will it function etc. This is where the fun part begins!