DEIPdev #3 — public testnet launched!

DEIP development update for August 29 — September 12

DEIP Development Update, or DEIPdev in short, is a regular biweekly update by our dev team. As usual, we will introduce you to the main features we developed within the DEIP blockchain protocol. You can ask all the questions that may arise after reading the update in DEIP Telegram Community.

Over the last two weeks our team was mostly working on public testnet launch. It was launched on September 6th and is a huge step for us. For now, we invite everyone to participate in it: run node, simulate transactional activity and contribute to the future of science (to participate, follow the link).

During these 2 weeks we didn’t really add any new functions, but made a lot of fixes and updates:

  • Updated a new account creation flow. The process is more flexible now, allowing to more precisely add Common tokens to accounts on creation.
  • Fixed issues with removing expired entities (grants, proposals, vesting balances)
  • Updated blockchain history plugin to track all activity in the network
  • Blockchain explorer functions added (see here)
  • CLI Wallet updated: added new and fixed existing methods, update documentation for methods.
  • Made adjustments in token emission model.

Now when our testnet is launched we will concentrate on adding more features to blockchain and improving the existing ones. So more exciting updates are coming in the next few weeks.

Alexey Kulik, Chief Blockchain Officer, DEIP