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How to get a job in Web3

The first we hear of new technology is often through buzzwords. Crypto, blockchain, and decentralization are familiar tech terms these days. But what about Web3? This is a term that we’ll be hearing more and more in conversations about where things are, and where they’re going.

Web3 and the changes it is expected to deliver have attracted talent from many industries operating all over the world. Notably — 65% of active developers and 45% of full-time developers started to develop Web3 technologies in 2021. But the possibilities of this new internet are not only available to developers. In fact, anyone can participate and benefit. Here’s how.

Why people are turning to Web3

Despite the apparent dominance of multinational corporations today, many employees feel that their future at big tech companies is limited. The established processes and strict hierarchies that keep the corporate machine running smoothly may stifle individual career growth. Therefore, opportunities working for startups (often in crypto and Web3) can prove incredibly appealing. Small companies have much more to offer in terms of future career growth.

“At Google, concerns about keeping employees — including not losing them to crypto companies — became so pressing that the issue became part of the weekly executive agenda…”

Shira Ovide, tech journalist

Web3 is an entirely new industry that offers employees a variety of opportunities that just aren’t available at larger, more established corporations. This makes it possible to connect with the world’s brightest minds — former AWS and Google engineers, Microsoft executives, entrepreneurs, Wall Street analysts, top technology executives, and so on. Web3 provides millions of workers with a change of pace and the ability to enjoy a more fulfilling working life.

Major benefits of Web3 employment opportunities include:

  • Working remotely within flexible schedules
  • Levels of compensation are comparatively high
  • Workers in this industry are passionate about it
  • The process of decision-making is democratized thanks to tight-knit communities and DAOs
  • Plenty of opportunities to earn crypto
  • Participation in thousands of global events and conferences

How to find your first Web3 job

#1 Learn

Get familiar with the basics of Web3s, blockchain, and crypto. It’s not necessary to become an expert instantly. You’ll learn the most about the industry as you go along.

#2 Network

Join the relevant communities on Telegram, Reddit, Twitter, etc. Networking is always a must, but in the era of Web3, there are new rules. You can make a name for yourself by introducing your skills and knowledge to the community.

#3 Attend events

Getting involved in Web3 means understanding relevant trends and becoming acquainted with experts in this area. Thanks to the glut of information online, you can find and attend conferences, meetups, and events all over the world.

#4 Apply

Search specific Web3 job boards, such as and Or choose a more traditional route — via Workable and LinkedIn. The industry is new, there are lots of vacancies and you don’t need 5+ years of experience to get hired.

Who will suit a Web3-facing job? Well, almost anyone and everyone. Web3 requires many new talents. Here’s a list of professions that have the best chances to land a Web3-facing job early on.

Technical specialists

Developers will be the most in-demand for Web3. According to Electric Capital, large communities (Etherium, Bitcoin, Polkadot, Cosmos, Solana, NEAR, etc.) attract 250+ programmers per month.

In 2021, over 34,000 new developers committed code — the highest number ever recorded.

There are two key areas of programming: the actual development of network protocols and the development of communities. The latter includes creating decentralized applications, documentation, wallets, and everything that contributes to the growth of specific platforms.

To become a Web3 developer, you need to learn the basics of blockchain and specialized programming languages such as C++, Rust, or Solidity.

Finance professionals

Economists, bankers, analysts, and investment specialists are in high demand for driving Web3’s DeFi. Finance professionals are needed to create the framework for the Web3 economy. A lot of them have already begun transferring into different specialties.

Product managers

Employees from Meta, Microsoft, and Google are already switching to Web3 initiatives. They can impact the product, drive processes, and fulfill their potential.

Marketers and designers

Web3 requires specialists who can explain and describe its processes in a straightforward way to more people. Marketers and designers can improve the UI/UX, create the right messaging, and tell stories to help users understand and accept new products.

Business developers and salespeople

Business development and sales teams help to build partnerships. They allow for connecting teams to connect projects to one another and build specific ecosystems that satisfy the needs of users and organizations.

Other specialties

Specific limitations with regards to the scope of Web3 professions have yet to reveal themselves. Journalists, recruiters, artists, managers, you name it — the next iteration of the internet will allow just about anyone who is willing to get involved.

Other opportunities to earn with Web3

Web3 also introduces new opportunities for content creators. You can earn revenue on your images, articles, videos, and so on. You will be able to monetize your work using tokens or NFTs. This important innovation provides the ability to assign a unique mark to your content to prevent it from being stolen or forged.

Gamers have discovered ways to make money in play-to-earn games and metaverses, making it possible to turn previously virtual achievements into real-world income.

Ultimately, working with Web3 is still a trial and error process — the path of the pioneer. But remaining on the sidelines of decentralization technologies and not taking the small risks to get involved may prove much more costly.

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