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Jen Sonstein Maidenberg
Deja vu
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Aug 25, 2021


Now the beach is deserted
save for a key
unlocking an underwater
man cave
where mermaids sing Stevie Nicks
on the radio.

Elsewhere, a wife
flexes her muscles behind a glass door, watching a man record
an invitation to restore
what once was
and is still waiting
on the carpet of a third floor

But sad-eyed stretching is
no cure for loneliness —
not on a Pilates mat
nor inside caves of our own making.

“This one’s for you,” a guitar
said once in a dream.
“And it better last you for eternity.”

The dream nodded
and the guitar strummed.



Jen Sonstein Maidenberg
Deja vu

Dreamwork practitioner, researcher, writer. Healthfully obsessed with dreams, time, music, Jewish mysticism, memory, & love. 💞