Be Minimalism

So lately, I frequently read articles about minimalism. The most frequent source I read is on So this is a concept, which was originally inspired by the Japanese, which adheres to the mindset and lifestyle as simple as possible. So over there, even the house and all the furnitures, fashions and all belongings is made as little as possible.

I’m quite interested on this concept. By having the things we only need, automatically our lives getting a little distracted. We just need to focus on keeping the items that we had. I admit, on the past, and perhaps until now, I was the one who quite consumptive. Especially in today’s digital era, many e-commerce and digital marketplace offer the ease of purchases with discounts. Sometimes I purchase an item easily, but not necessarily I need in the future.

Having a lot of things is really make our lives not focus. Me, for example, since the beginning of this year brought the car to Bandung. My aim at that time, is to let me be more mobile and easier to going somewhere, especially when traveling away, affairs work in Jakarta, and others. But it turns out, I’m not really need it. Because, everyday I often use my motorcycle in Bandung. Well, you know, Bandung is now increasingly crowded, getting bogged down, less car parking area, and the price of the car park itself is very, very expensive. So I would prefer to go everywhere by riding motorcycles. Save time and costs. I also sparsely to traveling outta town, at best, only three to four times each month. The rest, just put my car in the field, near my rent house. Which just adds my time to, like constantly checking the parking area, clean the dust and warm the car every morning. Though I don’t need to doing it if I don’t own the car.

And then also, sometimes we wanted to have the things because we want to be considered more by the society. Social pressure from society, explicitly, make us vying and competing for a cool appearance. No wonder, because people did see firstly by our’s appearance. If our fashion is hits enough, coupled with branded stuff, that person would be regarded than others. It wasn’t wrong anyway, naturally. Even though, all these fashions usually only hold just a few months, and usually only used occasionally, not frequently. Fashion, would change very fast and will be replaced with a new style on next couple months. And then we buy more of these items though still follow the flow, and continue like that. Without realizing it, we’ll be confused which fashion should we wear because too many choices. Compare with those who only have one style only. For example, Marc Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs who have only one style in every occasion. They’ll not be confused with what style to wear because they have their own flagship fashion.

At this time, I am also plan in the process towards minimalism. Pray for me, hehehe because I know the challenge is not that easy. Actually, the concept of minimalism itself is very large. But especially for now, I think I want to focus on minimalize my goods. So the plan is, I will bring back the car to Indramayu, next month perhaps, after road trip to Central Java. I also have started to sorting clothes in the cupboard. The shirt, jacket and the pants, if I often wear them, then I will keep it. And then, for the fashion which I not frequently wear, usually in the below of the stack, though I like it or not, although there are any historical value, I’ll take it. Maybe will give it to my cousin or can be donated in Indramayu. My mom frequently donated goods that aren’t used there, so I can entrust to her. For the shoes, I think currently it is enough for my day-to-day activities. I have one sneakers (can be used as running shoes, badminton and traveling as well), a futsal shoes and semi-formal shoes to attending the invitation. For the bag, currently I only had a daypack and one backpack for traveling and hiking. It’s enough. Then book, I think I’ll keep this first, and then at the some time I’ll donate to the library or another social foundation. The rest of the items such as cameras and other gadgets, I’ll sort it out first. If I still need it, I’ll hold it. If I’m not use it for a long time (I’m using a parameter the last three months), I will bring back to Indramayu. Bring that to my mom to donate it, or give it to my cousin.

I hope with doing something like this, my room in Bandung isn’t feel crowded again. I also no need to be distracted with my belongings and don’t have to keep a lot of unused things again. Let life be more structured, organized and simple as well later. Wish me luck!