Growing Up

Soon, our generation — 90s — will enter adulthood. Inevitably, sooner or later, we’ll get into those times. The time when we’ll do the things that our parents used to did, like getting married, working and having children. And then struggle to support the family, set up financial, plan for children’s education and mingle with other adulthood.

In these ages, we can only remember the moments with friends in the past. Each of them now has their own life. It is really difficult to meet and repeat the fun things, like as a teenager again. We are struggling with our own affairs. Priorities changes. One left busy building a new household with their small families. Some are still in school, busy with new friends. Some are still struggling to get a proper job. And even still many who don’t know how or where to go forward.

We’re all trying to prove to the world what we are. Our ages is tough time. We are all know that starting new live from no money is that hard. Getting a proper, comfortable job is hard. Some people get lucky, some have to struggle more. We should really grateful if we are already in a better position than others. Don’t feel arrogant, but help as best we can.

Inevitably, it is very difficult now to gather those who have split away somewhere. Conversation on the group, just a glance and a few. Usually only wedding invitations, job vacancies and broadcast news. Very rare with non-important but fun conversations, holiday challenges despite only a plan, and other unimportant chat. When I returned home, and invite to hang out, there are only three or four. The rest, I don’t know for sure. I don’t know. I thought my friends in high school are that many.

I really know this is unavoidable. We’re now hard to meet, unlike the times on high school or college that can still meet everyday. Making friend is easy, but keeping them is the hard part. Moreover, sometimes there is love that ruins friendship. And there is an adult business destroys friendships. Also, insecurity problem whenever we meet with friends who are already succeed. Too many things change as we move into adulthood. Too many adult affairs. We can no longer get a freedom, no burden like the old times.

Yes, I thought, this is one of the worst parts of growing up. We lose them one by one. Until all of them disappear and we start a new life with our own family and new people. We should accept it, though I still imagine we can still do fun things with them until we grow up an old. I miss that times.

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