AWS Lambda is HIPAA eligible (and 7 other updates)

Exciting news from AWS came today September 7th, 2017: AWS Lambda is part of HIPAA eligible services!

It was one of the package of 8 services added. Here is a full list:

  • AWS Batch
  • Amazon CloudFront [including Lambda@Edge]
  • Amazon Connect
  • Amazon Kinesis Streams
  • AWS Lambda
  • Amazon RDS (SQL Server)
  • Amazon RDS (MariaDB)
  • AWS Snowball Edge

It’s always good to see more services being added as HIPAA eligible. But what’s so special about AWS Lambda?

AWS Lambda is an implementation of serverless computing model in which cloud provider dynamically manages the allocation of resources. This is another level of abstraction where server management and capacity planning are completely hidden from the developer.

Serverless model is more cost-effective comparing to rent or purchase of a fixed servers capacity, which typically involves significant periods of under-utilization or idle time.

Similar services were already available for HIPAA compliant workloads as part of Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform offerings. It’s nice to see AWS closed this gap because it’s quite popular destination for healthcare related projects.

So, it’s a good time to start work on AWS Lambda migration plan for your PHI processing tasks!

See HIPAA Cloud Resources for more details on usage of cloud services in the healthcare industry.

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