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Revamping the Design Teaching Approach.

From what I have noticed as a student of Graphic Design for 10+ years, throughout grade school and some classes in college, is that there is such a focus on the GRAPHIC part of the design. Going into college, I thought this would be the same situation: do a project, turn it in, get a grade, repeat. Little did I know that was not what college was all about. There are multiple factors that go into the design process — from ideation, problem-solving, to sketching and prototyping, to the actual design work, and then getting feedback and critiquing.




I am a college student, hopeful teacher, who wants a new approach to Education — one that is student centered and has tons of real world application.

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Zac DeLane

Zac DeLane

College Student, Soon to be Teacher. Graphic Design and Design, BFA UT Austin

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