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Cull, Sigh

Psyche Delicto. Sigh, the Delectable. Scythe, the Derelict

Formulation, for creative mutilation. Micro psyche

in a macro cosmo. Empty space. Evacuumate

Spread out. Expand. Dance, Shiva. Her eyes on:

you now. Uber novae! Burn, ova! In queue, bait

one out of the oven. Roil, toil, boil oil. Egg, carrot, tea

Defuse. Settle the kettle. Clear the rind. Desaparecido

Oscura madre. Connect the dots, make a web,

of space. Catch a worm hole. Go under. Shim-mer-

in-im-mer-sion. Come-out-a-new-version. Bleach is

not detergent. (Deterrent, yes!) A fervent mess! A

surgeon’s guess is good as anybody else’s. Else is

something. You are nothing. Just. Like. Space.


Explode some more! Burn the core! Let them die a

little. All is pars: blow out the stars (don’t worry

about the spittle). You can Eat. You can Turn. It

all comes out to Null. Again (Re), you give the Cur Rinse

Amor Fati

Ego… Ergo: Re-go

Man with a Scythe



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Pierce Delahunt

Pierce Delahunt

Social Emotional Leftist: If our Love & Light movements do not address systemic injustice, they are neither of those things