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Fare Goodly


I used to love you

I know that

Between the sudden fall and crash for you
, and the gradual numbing ,

I am not sure which is worse

Pain enjoyed or pain once removed


Telling yourself, I told you so

What if you had died?
Would it be better? How is it different at all? No,
those with loved ones lost blame their loved ones all the same

Whether lost to the growth we call death
or the growth we call life

We each ask for safe return

Safety at any Risk

Mountains, Valleys, Rivers six that turn to Marsh

But no

Sadness in Spotlight

Ours is not to be comfort, Ours is but to bleed and hurt
Ache or run

What is it? Revel? Embrace? Welcome? Value?

You gave of yourself, and my body treated it like a vaccination
I want that heart-rush, but you no longer give me fever
I tried so hard to sick myself

I wanted that our time should not go to waste — that it should mean something

I wanted our time to mean something

I checked the thesaurus. Time means lots of things

Time: Eternity. Time: Entropy. Time: Epoch. Time: Life. Time: Moment. Time: Out. Time: Money. Time: Space. Time: Fabric. Time: Moon. Time: End. Time: Beginning. Time: Term.

We have come to ours

What is the word? Appreciate? I do

Without our time, I would not be ready for life without our time, so

Bereave deeply and grieve the mourning!

Transformative Spaces

Salt hurts, so does healing
The life, the show, goes on
I fill my cup elsewhere, because

I have to drink something

I will go on. I will
It hurts to think that I am leaving, that I was left, or you
But I, and you, go on

I still smell flowers, even though they die
And it is not because I do not care



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Pierce Delahunt

Pierce Delahunt

Social Emotional Leftist: If our Love & Light movements do not address systemic injustice, they are neither of those things