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Forty Nine Low Liters Of Tears

Nature is the Art of God: A Half-Paradelle


Why does nature make us believe in God?
Is it the faeries? Or the mob mentality of the individual?
God is the why of nature. The mob, or faeries,
believe in us. Does the individual mentality make it?


Do we observe, make too much or, not enough? Treat
it like a word, or the punctuation? Does “is” even relate?
Do we not relate? Observe. Is The Word enough, like a treat?
Or, or does punctuation make it much too even?


What of my will to power? Do I call your super? Could you
give me his name? Yeah, way; I know. Name my,
his, super power. Of what? Your will? I, you know,
I could call my name, name my way. Yeah! Give… do to me

Sigil of Chaos

what you love. Whom. Or transfer it to time. I reason,
with the proper space, texts and contexts prove now mutable!
Or space time mutable! Transfer love to reason! You,
I, texts and contexts prove it proper with the “whom”. What now?

Truth, Black Hole

Nature! Yeah! I call your name! Or what I observe it is. I believe in the God what is mutable. Mentality. Whom we transfer too much to the faeries, treat it like a mob, reason with it, love the name. You make and you give time, relate to even the punctuation. The power of proper texts prove my word. Why does or do or does my will super his? My way of know, could do me. Make us, not individual, or enough! Space and contexts now.

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Pierce Delahunt

Pierce Delahunt

Social Emotional Leftist: If our Love & Light movements do not address systemic injustice, they are neither of those things