Plot Twist!

We’ve hit an all-time merlot! And on the first day! After hours of negotiations with Delta’s on-site managers and 1–800 customer service, the DCA mgmt decided to not allow our bike on as checked luggage. So we left our bike (and half our stuff, which was packed with the bike) in DC and hopped on our plane with a plan to tour Italy by rail. We weren’t happy about it, but Alitalia made things slightly better with an endless supply of in-flight wine.

After a long and uncomfortable but boozy flight, we arrived in Milan with nothing but a couple of small carry-ons. I guess we’ll be roughing it.

It didn’t take us long to realize that we needed some adequate luggage, so we found this stylish gem of a roller to make our lives on the sidewalks a little easier. We also realized that we’d been in Italy for at least two hours already and HAD NOT EATEN PIZZA YET. We fixed that immediately.

Ah! Italy! It’s super great to be here at last! The weather is perfect and we’re about to go out for a night of site-seeing and aperitivo. We’ll write soon with stunning photos of Milan and I’ll write up a post with all the technical details of how the negotiations with Delta proceeded and ultimately failed. Chow!

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