Player two has entered the game

Playing video games growing up I’ve always been player two as the little brother. I was so lucky to be player two instead of playing all alone as player one. I mean, who wants to play Sunset Riders or Goof Troop for hours all alone? Or have no one to get stuck with on the first level of the Batman Sega game?

My brother and I have had our differences at times but I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am now if I didn’t have him to look to for guidance. When I was younger, he was the person who sparked my competitive attitude in school. I always wanted to do better than him, especially at math. I excelled at school because I had a strong role model in my brother and framework to build from.

My brother is one of the smartest and hardest working people I’ve ever met. I don’t know many people who can watch a few videos online and automate their home with Amazon Alexa. Ok, maybe there’s more to it but he continues to amaze me with what he can learn and do with the power of the internet and hard work. I remember one time I had to change the spark plugs in my car and was planning to lean on my brother to do it for me. Instead, he helped me find a video tutorial on Youtube, gave me the tools, and told me to get to work. Surprisingly, I did it because I really needed to change them and afterwards I felt so accomplished.

Since going to college in 2007, my frameworks have been a bit shaky as to be expected as people say the 20s are for exploration. I’ve been seeking and getting lost. Possibly a bit more than what would make most people comfortable, like my brother. He may not have always liked my decisions but no matter what he has always been there for me when I needed him the most.

I am grateful he and his amazing wife, who is truly like my sister, put up with me for a year living in their home in 2014 after I left my first job. I used the time to teach myself how to code Android applications so I could make the app I was dreaming about all the time after I spent a month in Mexico living with my dad. It also gave me the space and time to explore going back to school for my MBA degree.

Now I’m onto my next chapter in Vietnam. I miss home sometimes but feel Vietnam is right for me right now. I have my brother and mom in the back of my mind all the time. I am working and creating every day so that I can build a life that allows me to be there for them but also be there for myself and my vision of the future.

I thought I was done observing my brother as I go down a new path, but I’m always watching and learning. Love you bro!

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