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[01etc] 01etc Exhibits the First Round of the NFT Designer Contest Artworks — DDP-NFT Designer Contest

On October 11, the first round of the NFT artworks submitted for the NFT Designer Contest, which is co-organized by Delio and Seoul Design Foundation, went live on displays in Dongdaemun Design Plaza (Seoul, South Korea) designed by the world-famous architect Zaha Hadid.

On the plats with Seoul Fashion Week 2022, the NFT contest offers a chance to become a winner of a total of 35 million KRW. It aims to capture the latest trends in the NFT and blockchain industries.

Not to mention Delio and 01etc were the official partners of this exhibition that has enhanced the prestige of one of the largest NFT and art-dedicated festivals in South Korea.

01etc joined the opening ceremony to greet and celebrate this meaningful event with every art, photography, and illustrator lover.

Below, we would like to take you through the NFT exhibition and highlight its brightest spots.

DDP-NFT Exhibition

DDP-NFT exhibition is held in collaboration with 01etc, NFT Marketplace operated by Korea’s first crypto bank, Delio, and Seoul Design Foundation.

At the opening ceremony, visitors to the Seoul Design Plaza can look at the various DDP-dedicated artworks. In particular, the DDP contest, an exceptional event held by 01etc, offers a unique opportunity to enjoy the NFT world even more from a close distance! A total of 126 digitally produced works, such as paintings, illustrations, and photos, including dots, lines, and dimensions-themed 3D pictures, were shown at the exhibition.

The NFT Gallery is organized under the themes of ‘Introduction to NFT,’ where exhibition visitors discover the basic principles and concepts of NFT, the ‘NFT Exhibition’ section showing NFT artworks by established artists, and the ‘NFT Designer Contest, ’ which is dedicated to the 01etc’s NFT Contest.

Exhibition Section 1: Introduction to NFT

The exhibition welcomes the inspired introduction of the NFT industry, basic definitions, historical facts, and other important information.

Exhibition Section 2: NFT Exhibition

As you pass, you will be welcomed by the fascinating and vivid DDP Exhibition NFT artworks. The printed version is one of the charming and lively NFT artworks created by ten well-known K-artists.

Exhibition Section 3: DDP-NFT Designer Contest

The next section of the exhibition is fully dedicated to the DDP Contest held in partnership with the Seoul Design Plaza, and this is precisely the place where the most exciting things start.

Participants are competing for the award with a total of 35 million KRW!

Have a look at artworks created by contest heroes.

Opening Ceremony

In congratulatory remarks, James Jung, CEO of Delio, and Kyung Don Lee, CEO of the Seoul Design Foundation, mentioned the importance of the NFT industry and impacts on the local and international financial and art markets.

Second Round DDP-NFT Contest Application and Second NFT Exhibition

The gallery’s launch coincided with the second round of the NFT contest, which will continue to gather NFT artworks until November 3 and culminate in an exhibition on November 8.

For further information about second round application, please visit 01etc website.

📍 01etc Homepage:

❗️Please kindly note that “DDP-NFT Contest” participants must be residents of Korea or be presence in Korea at the time of the exhibition.



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