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[01etc] ‘Desire of New Vision’ Curation

Welcome to 01etc NFT Planet!

NFT Marketplace ‘01etc’ powered by crypto bank Delio in South Korea is hosting a group exhibition, ‘Desire of New Vision’.

The exhibition primarily focused on the longings and the expectations for a new digital era. It starts from 2 a.m. (GMT) on July 24 until 2 a.m. (GMT) on July 7 with well-known Korean artists, which are taking their very first step into the NFT world.

We are proud to introduce these 3 artists and their artworks on our medium page. We hope you enjoy this curation about our very first group exhibition, ‘Desire of New Vision’.

Kim Kira– <Top Building in the World>

This work was produced with a drawing technique for European medieval Engraving prints through which Kim Kira focuses on how individuals are wary, placed, and located in relation to social and cultural positions, and metaphors capitalist desires and landscapes as top building in the world <2007>.

‘Top building in the world’ by Kim Kira was introduced to international galleries and exhibitions such as the Modern Museum of Contemporary Art 2008 <Boundary> and <Republic of Propaganda> 2008 Gallery LOOP.

Work Price: 0.45 ETH

Yoo Seungho — <Shooo->

The artwork named <Shooo-> was created by Korean artist Yoo Seungho to challenge the NFT field for the first time.

‘Shooo’ shapes through the process of repeatedly “writing” onomatopoeic characters which run across the canvas following the movement of the Korean letter with the rising upper characters and the flowing lower ones which at some point find their place in harmony, but remain the art.

An interesting fact about <Shooo> is that this artwork is a part of the collection of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in South Korea.

Work Price: 0.4 ETH

Park Seungjin — <One Day>

With daily life rapidly passing by, the whole meaning of ‘imagination’ and ‘essence of existing’ as well as the boundary of those two disappear.

<One Day> depicts urbanism with its uniqueness and ‘cold’ reality.

Despite the fact it is a digital version of a ‘real park’ landscape, it still gives you the feeling of being directly connected with the nature while allowing you to rest or observe the scene.

Work Price: 0.3 ETH

ParkSeungjin — <We Are NFT>

<We are NFT> is an NFT that depicts a simulated human with an awkward expression and speech.

Work Price: 0.3 ETH

About 01etc

01etc, an NFT marketplace for both creators and the traders which provides differentiated services through the exemption of transaction fees, DSP (governance token) rewards for NFT minting, and all-kinds-of-transactions. Moreover, it will provide NFT-backed loans, and NFT rental services in the near future.

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