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[01etc] How to NFT: NFT Membership — Full Guide to The Future of Business and Engagement with Investors

Welcome back to 01etc, the most creative NFT Marketplace, where everything enjoyable becomes profitable.

As the NFT industry grows, more and more innovations are entering the race on making profitable business. And NFT Membership is one of those.

Imagine keeping a cool NFT of your favorite singer in your wallet and having an exclusive access to the concert his/her concert? With the NFT-based membership, this becomes the reality!

Like other blockchain topics, NFT memberships can be tricky. So today, we would like you to guide on what NFT Membership is and why that can make your project so valuable to investors.

NFT-based membership?

NFT-based memberships are your unique ‘membership cards’ that call for the possession of a particular NFT for users or participants to have access to special benefits, a “ticket” to a certain online club, or the ability to unlock the ‘hidden’ material of a certain creator.

Let’s say, with a ‘membership card’ users will get access to a certain DAO, Discord group, online club, or even a special event.

To this end, let us quickly dive into the 3 main benefits of NFT-based membership.


Unlike traditional membership, NFT-based membership programs offer a limited amount of NFT cards to “hone in and super-serve most loyal customers”. As the number of members is constant and cannot be changed, this allows creators to focus on delivering exceptional experiences to core holders, meaning that the investor-creator engagement will immediately fly to the Moon.

Lifelong Perks

What can be better than having access to a lifelong discount for your favorite restaurant, café, or even a club?! Imagine, with only one NFT in your digital wallet you can access unlimited information about a certain community or brand.


Your lifestyle or needs has changed, and you are already worrying about the money you spent to buy expansive staff? Hold on! It’s not a problem anymore.

With the NFT memberships providing flexibility to their holders, secondary royalty* allows you to resell the NFT. The higher the royalty the higher profit to be received.

*Royalty: Payments made to the original NFT creators in exchange for using their non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

Now when you have the basic but essential knowledge about NFT-based memberships and their core benefits, it’s time to get inspired by real-world cases.

Real-world cases of NFT Memberships:

Flyfish Club:

The Flyfish Club is the world’s first NFT member’s only private dining club. Owners of these items will have access to a private dining area in New York City which is 10,000+ square feet in size. The basic membership includes table reservations for up to 8 non-token guests.

Floor price: 2.5 ETH

Total supply: 3,035

VaynerSport Pass:

VaynerSport Pass is a premier utility-first, game-theory-centered, sports NFT project offering ways for fans to meaningfully connect and form closer bonds with athletes and unlock access to world-renowned events and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Floor price: 0.2–100 ETH

Total supply: 15,555


RLBLC is the world’s first members-only private real estate investment club where membership is purchased on the blockchain as an NFT. The NFT holder gains access to RLBLC properties, social experiences, and exclusive investment opportunities.

Floor price: 0.310–5 ETH

Total supply: 1,000

Dolce and Gabbana’s Collezione Genesi

By purchasing Dolce & Gabbana NFT community DGFamily, created in collaboration with curated digital luxury marketplace UNXD.

DGFamily members will have access to a unique range of benefits, including access to exclusive drops and collaborations, digital wearables and physical products, and an exclusive slate of digital and physical Dolce&Gabbana events.

Wrapping things up. What is the point?

To mimic everything said above, NFT is the fast technology-evolving industry that can bring your meta business to another level.

Pointing out the fact that the NFT Membership is not a brand-only program, it is a unique opportunity for both, the users and creators to benefit.

Would like to know more about the recent NFT news and hot issues? Make sure you stay with us for more NFT tips that will help on your NFT journey.

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