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[01etc] How to NFT: What is NFT Minting?

Welcome to 01etc NFT Planet!

NFT Marketplace ‘01etc’ powered by leading crypto bank Delio provides the ‘How to NFT’ series for those who are floating around 01etc NFT planet but would like to dive into an ‘NFT atmosphere’. Before exploring 01etc NFT planet, can you answer the next question: What is NFT Minting?

Here is an easy-to-follow guide about NFT Minting.

What is NFT Minting?

Making and trading digital assets such as games, videos, and images (pictures) into NFTs. Minting is Mint +ing, which means that it is made into a cryptocurrency chain so that it can be interchanged. In other words, making digital assets into blockchain NFTs and trading them is called minting.

Easily, to the seller, minting is ‘to produce NFT’, but Minting to buyers is the same concept as ‘share offering’

NFT Minting Preparation

What do we have to prepare for the Minting? We only need 3 supplies.

1. Digital creations

Digitalizable creations such as pictures, photos, text, sounds, and videos to be made into NFTs.

2. Coin Wallet

Wallet to keep the purchased NFT, pay the gas fee required for minting, and receive a payment if sold.

3. Gas fee

A kind of fee for the power cost of blockchain verification and stabilization for NFT production and transaction.”

For the coin wallet, here are some examples.

Type of coin wallet

1. Metamask: A representative wallet that is the basis of all coin transactions

Metamask can be used by adding coins to the network, allowing multiple networks or unlisted coins to be stored and used in a single wallet.

2. KaiKas: The most commonly used wallet for NFT minting

Klaytn-based NFT has been activated in Korea and many people have used it.

3. Phantom: Solana-based wallet for coins

Solana coin, which is often used in IDO, does not support other wallets, so you need a Solana-based wallet.”

So, if we prepared for the coin wallet, where should we mint? Here are some suggestions.

NFT minting place

NFT creation is diverse, and platforms that show different competitiveness and characteristics are emerging and developing.

1. Opensea: The world’s largest NFT exchange

With the open market, anyone can produce and sell NFTs, and there is no screening or verification process for the release of works.

2. Super Rare & Nifty Gateway

Nifty Gateway and Super Rare release NFT works through screening. It continuously manages creators, works, and collectors, and maintains the brand value of the platform through the process.”

3. Klip Drops

It is run by Groundx, Kakao’s blockchain developer company. KlipDrops is characterized by a single work that can only be auctioned or purchased for one day.

4. 01etc

It is operated by Delio, who is authorized as the №1 VASP in deposit and lending. Unlike existing platforms that are advantageous to established artists, ordinary people can become creators and make and sell works, and there is no transaction fee.

NFT begins with 01etc, anyone can become a creator and make and trade NFTs here.

About 01etc

01etc, an NFT marketplace for both creators and the traders which provides differentiated services through the exemption of transaction fees, DSP (governance token) rewards for NFT minting, and all-kinds-of-transactions. Moreover, it will provide NFT-backed loans, and NFT rental services in the near future.

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