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[01etc] Meet the winners of the total prize of KRW 35 million | DDP-NFT Designer Contest

The first-ever DDP-NFT Designer Contests, which was held in collaboration with the 01etc NFT marketplace and Seoul Design Foundation aiming to discover talents across South Korea, has ended.

On December 9, at the digital Award Ceremony, out of 356 artworks, ten artists were announced as winners who shared a total of KRW 35 million (KRW 3.5 million per person), along with an NFT-based certificate.

Today we would like to congratulate every participant and recall the best highlights of the event, which ran from September to November at Korea’s major development landmark in Seoul, South Korea, designed by Zaha Hadid.

The competition encouraged creative digital art exploration of the topic “Dot, Line, Dimension” by artists of all ages, regardless of their experience and background.

Three distinguished evaluation loops selected winners:

All the artworks were selected according to the following prize categories: eight winners for DDP FAVORITE and one winner per SDF CHOICE and DELIO CHOICE.

DDP-NFT Designer Contest Winner Awards



Artist name: 404ER

Artwork: 404Error in M○C△-DDP

The artwork displays a distinctive online and offline world, but both give a feeling of interconnection. Meanwhile, there is a gap between how individuals interpret the world online and offline. Yet, there is no emotional barrier between people. These subjects, which are closely related to what modern people identify with, also reflect the digital world’s uniqueness.



Artwork: DDP.NET_3

DDP is captured as a futuristic architecture that mainly relies on the volume of the space but at the same time adds the spice of the high-tech organism leaping into space. According to the artist, the building will become a vast cultural base where fashion and culture vortexes constantly converge to create a new future, just like the region’s characteristics.

Artist name: MJ

Artwork: D-Lamp

A track that resembled Dongdaemun Stadium in the past is illuminated by an aluminum light head that swings from a golden stem. Directing modifications to materials that can only be realized in virtual space has the significance of reflecting Seoul residents who lead lives on a treadmill and demonstrates the concept that the location we stand does not define any existence.

Artist name: Miné.k

Artwork: The present : Pile

An unexpected gift in the box causes fear. Nobody is buried in piles of presents. There are many ways to escape, but getting to the ideal space beyond the wall is challenging. The DDPs image as a medium between the two points- art and artist, feels like a black hole leading to an ideal direction. Art, reality, and idealism seem far away and eventually exist on one side.

Artist name: Raccoon_Sak

Artwork: Hangover_side view

The narrative of a self-employed person who binges drinks both during the day and at night in Seoul is told in the collection Hangover. A self-contained student’s simple whispers and quilts contrast sharply with contemporary furnishings and vertical city outlines. Today, I dedicate this piece to all the lonesome college students who wish to shake off their hungover sensations of lethargy and anxiety. I wish you nothing but sweet dreams.

Artist name: gumkimm_art

Artwork: First sigh of the

The DDP building is a reminder that everything in the world is made up of atoms and electrons. However, each of those has a different material and shape. Moreover, it is also used as the concept that everything starts from a sphere and becomes the center of something.

Artist name: hojun

Artwork: SDP-21

Surprisingly, Korea announced the beginning of the human mission to Mars and is working hard to develop a large amount of space-based data storage capacity based on superior quantum computers. While probing the interior of Mars, a Korean research team came upon a sentient exploring the interior of Mars.

Artist name: qshim

Artwork: P-L-M

This piece visually represents the infinite possibilities of Dongdaemun through dynamic programming changes based on dots, lines, and dimensions. The variation of uncertain lines shown in a specific pattern symbolizes temporality. It constitutes dimensions with visual echoes that spread beyond physical space, overlapping one another.

Artist name: SeongHum Kim x SungKyong Oh

Artwork: DDP Spot #3

The DDP is presented from 3 different angles connecting the idea of becoming a single form and making new history.


Artist name: Heofod

Artwork: Infine bridge

The bridge represents the creativity and imagination that propels us ahead since it is constructed in a grid-like, curved shape similar to that of the DDP building. Numerous inspirations, like stars in the cosmos, combine to form a single line. Those lines combine to create a solid plane on which we may stand and a permanent bridge over which we can travel.

Thank you for being a part of DDP-NFT Designer Contests!

To every participant of the competition and showing your attention and the highest level of creativity we sincerely thank you!

To find new solutions to our most pressing societal challenges, we ask for your continuous support and to look at the digital world from different angles.

Sending lots of love and looking forward to seeing you in the future 01etc events!



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