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[01etc] Pack Your NFTs, the Final Destination is Metaverse — How to Travel with Only one NFT

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are sweeping the worlds of art, gaming, fashion and music — but could they be adopted by the travel industry next?

In fact, they are already taking a big step on the ‘convenience’ of the ‘holiday industry’ by allowing users to get plane tickets, book the hotel and even provide you with an NFT passport.

Today’s post will provide you with the details on the travel NFTs’ feature and how to use the to get the maximum comfort from you trip!

Pack your NFTs, our final stop is Metaverse!

3 ways the travel industry can benefit from NFT technology:

The travel industry is still hesitant to utilize and integrate NFTs. Travel agencies must learn about the advantages of NFTs before relying on them for daily operations and adding an NFT booking or sightseeing emblem to their websites.

If your market research findings show that there is a need for NFT, knowing all the advantages might help you determine whether to begin utilizing it. Here are a few notable benefits that NFT technology brings to the market.

  1. Improve the travel experience for higher engagement

There are few solutions available to travel companies and tour operators for increasing engagement rates, particularly at the destination. It is essentially constrained by the availability of amusement, entertainment, wellness, and leisure facilities in a given area.

2. Ensuring repeat business

The travel sector continues to grow thanks to repeat business. The goal of businesses of all sizes in this industry is to develop enduring connections with their customers and guarantee that they will continue to utilize their services the following year. Exactly for this reason, a lot of travel agencies provide reward programs. NFTs can support this strategy and encourage customer loyalty.

3. Real-life examples of NFT:

The idea of NFT travel is not as expansive as you would have trusted. NFTs are already being used by several hotels and travel agencies for a variety of purposes. Here are a few instances of NFT being used in real-world travel.

Get on the plane with an NFT on your mobile!

Now, any travel lover can purchase an airplane ticket. And TravelX offers you one even for the cheaper price.

According to TravelX Chief Blockchain Officer Facundo Martin Diaz, the site presently sells 2.5 million tickets, which are tokenized when purchased and transformed into NFTs dubbed NFTickets. After acquiring an NFTicket, a customer can auction, sell, transfer, gift or exchange them through a peer-to-peer system on TravelX.

Users can buy a ticket via the TravelX wallet, which is used to maintain the NFTickets, or use BinancePay to pay for tickets on the site. The business is in discussions to incorporate additional exchanges.

Arrived at the country destination! Shall we book a hotel?

Easy! If you only have an NFT card installing in you wallet!

As so, guests can now use NFT digital tokens to reserve rooms at the NoMo Soho hotel in New York and even receive exclusive perks.

Customers will now be able to utilize a code book for stays of three to six nights at NoMo Soho that are paid for using NFTs. These stays will take place between certain dates, and their duration will be determined by the amount of NFT that was used to pay. The NoMo Soho offers extra benefits to customers who book through NFT, such as complimentary breakfast, late check-out, and welcome gifts.

Would like to keep the memories of your trip in one place? Get an NFT Passport!

The NFT, which serves as the artwork’s digital “deed,” contains all the pertinent details about who issued it, when it was issued, when it was sold and how much, when it was transferred, the accounts involved, where it is kept, etc.

All of this data is accessible to everyone and is stored forever at a special token address. Throughout the voyage, having the capacity to gather this data and produce an unchangeable record of occurrences might be helpful.

Concern about Covid-19 vaccines? Now you can have a NFT-based vaccine passport!

The San Marino microstate approved its digital green light for COVID immunizations in June 2021. Since many nations throughout the world have embraced digital COVID certificates, this may not seem especially unusual or intriguing.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, NFTs are a developing technology with a lot of potential for improving the passenger lifecycle, despite the fact that there are currently few application cases.

The NFT-based travel industry anticipates more travel businesses to investigate NFTs in the context of marketing and PR, under the “digital collectable” use cases. The market trend for VC financing does not appear to be slowing down. After all, the “year of the metaverse” has only begun and has a long way to go.

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