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[Article] 2019 Global Blockchain Leader List

Year 2019-GBHB is excited to have brought in DRAPER DRAGON Richard Wang(China), TokenInsight(China), Korea M&A Center(Korea), OBITO.IO(Taiwan), BLOCKTEMPO(Taiwan), AsiaTokenFund-ATF(Southeast Asia) as the election committee; Token Economy Association, QUEST CRPITAL, PAX Economy TV, TEK&LAW, Chinese Society of Technology Economics-Blockchain Committee, Great Wall Commune, Block Monster Lab, Korea Blockchain Startup Association are formed as co-organizers; Top media such as jinsecaijing, huoxingcaijing, chainnews, walianwang, xingkongcaijing, shiliancaijing, bikuaibao, lianguantianxia, beimeicaijing are invited as targeted media; all parties will jointly launch the first “2019 Global Blockchain Leader List” in April 2019.

We have been evaluating the candidates from 2 dimensions, “industry influence” and “industry contribution”which were unanimously approved by the global panel of judges, hereby present to all “TOP 20 global investment institutions”, “TOP 25 global industry experts”, “TOP 11 global exchanges” and “TOP 51 global star projects” from China, China (Taiwan), South Korea, Singapore, Vietnam. The goal is to lead the development and implementation of the global blockchain industry.

To promote knowledge in the industry, GBHB has invited BlockGlobe xingkongcaijing, Korea M&A Center (Korea), Gametoc(Korea) as co-organizer and chairman of the “global blockchain summit dialogue”, to deep dive from multiple perspectives such as “global industry development trend”, “global investment and fund raising“, “global branding and community building“, “global solution landing” and “global top resources connection“ to help global blockchain entrepreneurs and “+blockchain” traditional entrepreneur to “broaden global vision”, ”Secure international investment and fund raising”, “Design business model”, ”Focus on global branding” and finally how to become the world’s top elite in the industry.

There will be a 3 in 1 super experience including “branding+ learning+ networking”. We hereby sincerely invite friends from all over the world, participate in the “global blockchain summit dialogue”, help promote blockchain technology development in the industry.

Please join our GBHB for further information and updates.

2019 Global Blockchain Leader List — TOP 20 Global Investment Institutions

<TOP 20 Global Investment Institutions>

- 德鼎创新管理合伙人 王岳华

- JRR Crypto 合伙人 林尚儒

-了得资本创始人 易理华

- 科银资本创始合伙人兼董事长 程剑波

- Node Capital 创始人 杜均

- Fundamental Labs管理合伙人 Howard Yuan

- 华众资本创始人 李兿丹

- NGC创始合伙人 朱威宇

- 优势资本创始合伙人兼董事长 吴克忠

- Kenetic Capital 联合创始人 朱沛宗

- JLab 创始人 孙健

- Blockwater Founder Issac Lee

- Hotfund Dconference Founder Song In Kyu

- Quest Capital Founder Quming

- Kyber Capital Founder 胡一天

- 恒新资本联合创始人 Mike Hu

- Signum Capital(sg) Founder John

- MainNet Capital Founder Elon.Huang

- Infinity Blockchain Ventures Regional Head

- BRP Co-founder Steve Han

2019 Global Blockchain Leader List — TOP 25 Global Industry Experts

<TOP 25 Global Industry Experts>

- 中国工信部赛迪区块链研究院院长 刘权

- 中国清华大学信息技术研究院副院长 邢春晓

- 麦当劳(中国)CIO 蔡栋

- DistributedApps 创始人兼CEO 黄连金

- 世界区块链组织首席经济学家 金岩石

- 火币大学校长/经济学博士 于佳宁

- 太一云董事长 邓迪

- CSDN 副总裁/中国通信学会区块链委员 孟岩

- 维优创始人兼CEO/元界基金会主席 初夏虎

- 井通科技创始人 周沙

- 中欧国际工商学院创业管理实践教授 龚焱

- 芯际科技创始人CEO 戴卫国

- FinTech4Good主席 张晓晨

- Lawyer of TEK&LAW Law Firm 구태언

- 1st Block Consulting Founder Rodi Park

- HAHM SHOUT Founder Jessica Kim

- Adjunct Professor of Ajou University Chun Sang Kwon

- Professor of Korea University Kim Hyoung Joong

- Professor of Korea University Lee Dae Hee

- Korea M&A Center CEO SEAN RYU

- Blockchain Research Center Board Director Ted Huang

- Chairman of Token Economy Association CEO Chia Hock Lai

- CoinPip Co-founder/CEO Anson Zeall

- Blockchainalliance Co-founder Jack Chia

- IBS Founder ALvin

2019 Global Blockchain Leader List — TOP 11 Global Exchanges

<TOP 11 Global Exchanges>

- 火币创始人 李林

- BHEX创始人 巨建华

- Kucoin 创始人 Michael Gan

- Coinsuper Co-founder Anthony

- BGOGO CSO Ciara Sun

- OkCoinbank Founder An Byoung Chol

- Maicoin(MAX) Founder Alex Liu

- BITPOINT Founder Patty

- 数宝全球数字资产交易平台总经理 徐崇宝


- Kryptono Founder William

2019 Global Blockchain Leader List — TOP 51 Global Star Projects

<TOP 51 Global Star Projects>

- 法国iExec联合创始人 贺海武

- Proschool Founder Kim Tae Young

- Cocos-BCX 创始人 陈昊芝

- 链上科技创始人 钟庚发

- NULS 创始人 杨霖

- 井通科技COO 黄晏清

- MOAC(墨客)联合创始人 陈小虎

- VNT Chain创始人 周峰

- 上海掌御科技创始人 彭一楠

- IoTex 创始人 柴齐

- HNB 创始人 Ken

- Echoin CEO 郑嘉文

- PENTA CEO David Ritter

- Skrumble Co-founder President Eric Lifson

- Hero Node 创始人 刘国平

- Blockcloud 创始人 明中行

- Genaro Network创始人兼基金会主席 Larry Liu

- 港盛科技创始人 魏琨

- PCHAIN创始人曹峰

- 北京公易联科技联合创始人 陈晓方

- AMIS技术负责人/工程副总经理 林佑德

- Bincentive Founder CHAO-MING CHO

- EveriToken Founder 罗骁

- Formosa Financial Co-founder/CEO Ryan Terribilini

- JEDTrade CEO Daphne Ng

- Kronos Founder Jack Tan

- Policy Pal Founder 叶己萱

- Poseidon Network Founder Light Lin

- Alphacon Founder Hahm Si Won

- Bitberry Founder Jang Seong hun

- Tomochain Founder Long Vuong

- Wehome Founder Jo San Ku

- 井畅CTO 田朝晖

- CalorieCoin Founder Chung Seung Chae

- CryptoDozer Founder Choi Sung Wone

- Delio(델리오) Founder James Jung

- EVZ&Charzin Founder Choi Youngsuk

- EdenChain Founder James Ahn

- Funkey Pay Founder Jung Jong Ki

- Grabity Founder Jangwon Lim

- HiB DB Founder Don Chang

- Icon Founder Kim Jonghyup

- KRWb Founder Hwan Kim

- LIVEEN Founder James Kim

- Linka Founder Jonathan Kim

- MPCoin Founder Lee Hyun Jun

- Quiztok Founder Jeon Chang Sub

- STASIA Founder Mikey Min

- SymVerse Founder Chol Soohyuk

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