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[Blockchain People] Justin Kang from Delio, “DeFi is the Trend of the Time”

Justin Kang, Head of DeFi Busines at Delio (Photo from BlockStreet)
  • Delio, a fast- growing global crypto finance company

The amount of assets staked in the DeFi service reached a record high of $45.58 billion. This is a huge amount of 51,8472 billion in Korean currency KRW. Following last year, interest in DeFi, a decentralized finance company, is on the rise.

Justin Kang, who is in charge of DeFi business strategy at Delio, predicts, “If the era of metaverse opens, the world of DeFi will expand further.” Delio is growing into a global crypto finance company by holding a digital asset (virtual asset and cryptocurrency) finance conference recently and entering the United States, Europe, China, and Vietnam.

While focusing on research on the value of assets such as project management and real estate development in graduate school, Justin started his career in the blockchain industry, mainly in charge of IT system development planning and digital marketing in the fields of international logistics, real estate, and digital assets. I took it. He likes literature and philosophy, but he was interested in the future and advanced science and technology fields such as the fourth industry.

◆ Rich liquidity is the secret to DeFi Boom

Regarding the popularity of DeFi, which has collapsed rapidly since last year in the global digital asset market, Justin cites a high rate of return based on abundant liquidity. DeFi is a form of finance that allows investors to use liquidity pools without a third-party lender through a digital asset platform.

Justin says, “The need for security on-chain along with the return on the liquidity of token holders is growing DeFi.”

“If 2017 was the year of the rise of Bitcoin and altcoins, then 2020 could be seen as the year of explosive growth of major coins and DeFi.”

The direct benefit that users can get through the DeFi service is a transaction through a personal wallet. Through this, users can directly participate in liquidity and maximize profits.

Justin continues, “The virtual asset market is becoming more popular in the near future as the MZ generation places more importance on online than offline in building social relationships. IT entrepreneurs are interested in the virtual world and are trying to converge with the fourth industry.”

Regarding the security issue that the DeFi service is most concerned that “smart contracts are like vending machines, so due to the nature of DeFi, it is very difficult to change them later if you do not fix or update bugs in the early stages.” In the event of a security problem, a large-scale financial panic can occur, so it is necessary to actively respond to this such as elaborate development tests and security audits.”

◆Providing a crypto finance service that is perfect for Delio users

One of the strengths of Delio is that it satisfies customer-centered needs thoroughly by providing crypto finance services tailored to domestic users.

Justin says, “Delio’s TVU (Total Value Utilized), which represents the total utilization value of virtual assets in the Delio ecosystem, exceeded 1.8 trillion won in the middle of March, 2021. This figure confirms the needs of domestic users for crypto finance. It is a measure that can be done, and it is also a measure that proves Delio’s valuation.

He continued, “By providing customized services for domestic users, we are recognized as the largest crypto finance company in Korea. “We are moving to provide services to America, Europe, China, Russia, and Vietnam.”

In addition to saying that Delio is active in allocating profits and is giving high profits worldwide, the company is actively participating in the enactment of the “Virtual Assets Business Rights Act”.

“It will not be easy to limit the growing virtual asset ecosystem,” and Justin emphasizes that more proactive policies should focus on protecting consumers and investors. He added, “I think Korea should now clearly grasp the current status and ecosystem of the virtual asset finance market and enter it”.

“There is still a lack of discussions on securities tokens for real estate and stocks in Korea,” he said. “Countries including Hong Kong, Singapore, and Canada are rapidly accepting digital assets. Therefore, a systematic policy is needed for this.”

◆“The boundaries between the digital and the real assets will be disappeared”

Delio is about to open a synthetic asset DeFi service. They plan to proceed with the business by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of DeFi and CeFi. Their strategy is to focus on expanding the global market and strengthening the safety of investment assets simultaneously.

Delio will play a role in leading the market with the aim of industrial development and innovation based on a clear understanding of digital assets by integrating with the traditional financial market.

Justin says, “We expect that the boundary between virtual assets and real assets will be blurred in the future.”

“Delio makes what the market needs,” and a “New DeFi service” are expanding all over the world. Currently, Delio is growing to a global crypto finance company based on the various new businesses and growth potential.”

[Article written by Dong Il Joo, Block Street]

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Delio is a certified crypto bank for digital asset management. Established in 2018, the company has acquired business licenses: Money Services Business (MSB) license in the US, and Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) license in Korea.

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Delio Digital Asset Finance Group, established in 2018, is №1 fintech company based in Seoul and acquired digital asset licenses from Korean and US governments.