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[BlockchainToday_April issue] Delio, leads the global payment settlement market

[BlockchainToday_April issue]

BlockchainToday April issue — SSC and DaaS based commercial transaction payment settlement platform

Delio leads the global payment settlement market with the first SSC tokens dedicated to commercial transaction payment.

SSC and DaaS based commercial transaction payment settlement platform

“The best place to use cryptocurrencies is in the payment settlement.” Ethereum founder Vitalic Buterin said in a media interview last year. Ten years have passed since the birth of cryptography. And so far, numerous projects are showing up ahead, but we still have a hard time for buying an ice cream with cryptocurrencies. Delio intends to solve this problem.

The Birth of Delio

There are four major areas where cryptocurrencies can be used in the industry or in the real economy. Among the fields of finance, payment, reward type tokens and securities type tokens, the payment settlement field is the field in which applicable scope in real life is broad and the related industry is large.

Recently, Samsung Electronics announced Galaxy S10, which supports the blockchain and cryptocurrency payment service in Korea, and this also became the chance to indirectly experience that the day of using the payment settlement field for real life is the near future. Companies and small business operators have a need to use currencies in business for various purposes.

However, why is there not yet an issue that can be said to be a success story by incorporating a blockchain business into a business? Delio considers the problems faced by blockchain payment projects to be two things.

1) Absence of specialized tokens as tokens for commercial:

2) Difficulties that companies must go through for developing and operating their own commercial tokens, Dapp, or Mainnet on their own.

It takes a lot of cost and time for a company to develop and operate the Dapp and mainnet directly. To solve this problem, an ecosystem must be established where payment can be made with cryptocurrencies. Delio is addressing these issues and is committed to spreading the real token economy by allowing companies to easily issue and operate their tokens and leverage them for business.

Delio — SSC and DaaS based commercial transaction payment settlement platform

Problems of the cryptocurrency payment settlement field

Despite the emergence of various commercial transaction payment settlement projects from last year, there are common problems in the payment settlement field at present. There are volatility of token prices, one token problem, and no token circulation economic ecosystem, etc. Among them, one- token problem is one of the biggest problems in the payment settlement field to Delio.

What is one-token problem?

For the first time, Deloio defined the one-token problem as a problem caused by one-token’s having the nature of the utility token and the security token at the same time. To put it in more detail, it is inappropriate to incorporate existing volatility coins into the commercial transaction payment settlement field, says Delio. If the value of a token goes up and down every second, who can buy and sell things comfortably?

Delio — One-Token Problem (Utility token, Security token)

For this reason, stable coins have emerged. This is a utility token suitable for commercial transaction because the value of the token is stable. In fact, existing payment settlement projects have progressed by promoting stable coins at the front. Although there is no reason to deny the necessity and suitability of a value-stable token in the payment settlement field, the inability to raise the value of the token also brings a question on how it can provide what kind of benefits to investors.

It is very difficult to satisfy both price stability and value growth with one token. The coin that solves this problem is Delio’s Stable Stake Coin.

Commercial transaction payment dedicated token, Stable Stake Coin?

Delio — First Decentralized Commercial Payment Token

The most important factor in a commercial transaction payment project is the presence of commercial transaction-specific tokens. Existing coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum can be used for payment, but they have limitations that cannot contain all necessary functions for commercial transactions. It is Delio’s Stable Stake Coin that complemented these limitations, and is referred to as SSC in short.

In April 2018, Delio completed SSC and released it on official Facebook, which was a lot ahead of others. SSC is basically composed of dual tokens, or two tokens. Delio has completely improved the “stability, investment value and token economy design” problems of existing payment tokens through SSC. Delio also extended the monetary function of tokens by providing programmable functions necessary for commercial transaction.

For example, it is possible to set a token in a manner with which it cannot be used for payment in a game room while giving pocket money to children with tokens. Other general payment settlement apps cannot prevent such a thing from origin. Thus, this feature of Delio Token provides, among other things, an innovative token economy ecosystem with the issuance and spread of tokens, the acquisition of token usage places, and all the elements of a token swap exchange, by establishing a complete real economy type “token circulation economic ecosystem.” Delio plans to offer free online/offline PG services based on SSC.

Company’s own token issuance and open B2B federated payment ecosystem, DaaS

DaaS is an abbreviation of Delio as a Service. It is a B2B solution that is provided for free so that individuals and companies can easily issue and operate their own tokens without developing Dapp or mainnet.

The issuance of a token aims at B2B because Delio does not directly issue Delio’s tokens, but companies joining the ecosystem issue their own tokens as many as they want. This is a solution designed to address the second problem faced by companies in the aforementioned payment settlement industry.

The BAAS method, which provides a blockchain library, needs its own development process, but DaaS does not require development and has excellent performance and scalability. As we can build a shopping mall with simple memberships like MakeShop and Café 24, DaaS is the solution that can be instantly tokenized by putting API into existing business.

Delio — Delio, Create Token Circulated Economy Ecosystem.

Through DaaS, companies can perform various marketing activities that replace existing points and coupons, and the tokens issued by each company can be compatible with each other in the ecosystem, thereby enabling them to increase sales and secure new customers. Also, it is possible to secure payment reliability and stability through the blockchain and decentralization. From a customer’s viewpoint, there is a merit that tokens issued by various companies in the united ecosystem can be gathered in a short period of time and freely used, tokens can be cashed, and a stable and reasonable payment service can be enjoyed.

The Future of Delio

Delio’s goal is to build a global token economy based on SSC and DaaS. Through this, Delio hopes to solve social problems such as “inequality” or “winner takes all” system in the capitalist society.

One of the disappointing aspects from the blockchain technology with the phase to the fourth industrial revolution is that a few typical projects appear to be monopolistic already which contrasts to the blockchain’s philosophy for decentralization. It is clearly no different from the aspects of the traditional market where big conglomerates tend to monopolize and rake in all the profits.

In this regard, Delio claims to create a new ecosystem where distribution and sharing of ownerships and profits are faily realized through decentralization and public chain.

Many anticipate the year, 2019 to be the right timing for commercial blockchain projects to break through at last. People may be able to enjoy a more convenient and fruitful life with the cryptocurrency in the near future. Even if it means a big of happiness that comes from a cup of coffee or a movie with your beloved ones.

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Delio is a certified crypto bank for digital asset management. Established in 2018, the company has acquired business licenses: Money Services Business (MSB) license in the US, and Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) license in Korea.

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Delio Digital Asset Finance Group, established in 2018, is №1 fintech company based in Seoul and acquired digital asset licenses from Korean and US governments.