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[Delio] CHILI To Accept Crypto Payments

The video-on-demand platform CHILI supports crypto payments including Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP), DigitalBits (XDB), and Tether (USDT) partnering with Coinbar, The Fintech Times reported on May 29.

CHILI is an entertainment company based in Europe that has created its own over the top (OTT) platform. It distributes its video and movie platform directly throughout five European countries — Italy, England, Germany, Austria, and Poland — and possess five million registered users in 2021.

With this decision, CHILI will be the first OTT platform in Europe that accepts crypto payments. Giorgio Tacchia, CEO and founder of CHILI said “Whether the Web 3.0 technology revolution will indeed be a paradigm shift for our society is perhaps too early to say; however, it is a phenomenon that cannot be overlooked. Today, many users, business customers, and investors need to pay with this new currency.”

Coinbar is a financial technology company that aims to bring cryptocurrencies into the real economy. Antonello Cugusi, Coinbar CEO and co-founder, added: “Finally cryptocurrencies can be used on a par with traditional payment systems.”

Meanwhile, CHILI is not the only OTT company that accepts crypto payments. Sling TV, an American streaming television service, has announced that it will allow its users to pay in crypto earlier this year.


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