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[Delio] Colombia’s New President Celebrates Bitcoin

Gustavo Petro, who won Colombia’s 2022 presidential election, has previously spoken out in favor of cryptocurrencies, Cointelegraph reported on June 22.

Petro will be the president of Colombia on August 7 following his victory in Sunday’s run-off election. In December 2017, shortly after a major bull run, the president-elect took to social media to express his belief in Bitcoin’s “strength.” Furthermore, in 2021, the president-elect responded to El Salvador President Nayib Bukele’s idea of building volcano-powered crypto miners.

Petro will become president in August, joining other world leaders who have adopted crypto policies or otherwise spoken out in support of it. Previously, Petro celebrated El Salvador’s Bitcoin strategy and even proposed for the country to mine Bitcoin instead of producing cocaine.

Colombia, home to 52 million people, is now one of the most active crypto trading nations in the region. In February, a new bill that mandates regular reports for both exchange and individuals for suspicious transactions has been approved with the intention to prevent money laundering and terrorist funding.


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