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[Delio Weekly Academy] A Know-How Strategy to Generate Stable Income | Lecture 3 Review

There is a widespread misconception that investing is only for people with a ton of money and extensive knowledge. Simply said, this is untrue. You may start investing for as little as 20% of your income and make stable revenue on such a small investment if you know the right way to do it.

Today’s Delio Weekly Academy Episode 3 with Han Man-Sik, CEO of Sparta Economic TV is dedicated to the trusted investment approaches to help Delio users on the investment journey and the investment portfolio building to achieve financial freedom.

How to get 10% growth of your investment starting with $500 and generating revenue of 1 million USD?

Considering the investment strategies of rich people might be an excellent strategy for becoming wealthy.

Taking look at the statistics, 30% of the world’s billionaires are investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and Ethereum as you can see from the worldwide billionaire asset allocation patterns.

Total Asset Market Cap Excluding Bitcoin: 570 billion dollars

Bitcoin: 1.1 billion dollars

Bitcoin as the total asset: 0.18%

The difference in volatility between Bitcoin and the stock market

Bitcoin volatility is still high, but following the movements of the stock market, the difference is shrinking.

Canadian Restaurant BTC Investment Overcomes Pandemic RecessionCanadian restaurant chain Tahini is the greatest example of how the business can make a profit of a total of 300% on the Bitcoin investment during the Covid-19.

The owner of the restaurant has invested half of the money in Bitcoin and overcome the financial issue and bankruptcy in just 6 months.

  1. Long-Term Investment is a Key

Being an early investor gives lots of perks while offering a great opportunity to make a profit.

In this regard, Guillaume Patry, a Canadian professional StarCraft player, made his first investment in Bitcoin more than 4 years ago and since then his investment portfolio rate went up to 5,400% on that long-term investment.

Such examples are leading us to the conclusion to

2. Invest a small amount of your income in cryptocurrencies with a long-term approach to build up financial freedom.

Apart from the educated information, Delio offers an exclusive opportunity to every audience of the Delio Weekly Academy to participate in the Q&A crypto market-related sessions with the crypto experts from South Korea.

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