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[Delio] Delio Bank to Support Polkadot(DOT)

Dear Delio Users,

We would like to announce that Polkadot(DOT), an interchain project, will be added to the Delio Bank (wallet) service.

✅Listing Date: October 31, 2022 (Mon) (KST)

Polkadot(DOT) aims to provide interoperability between the Ethereum wallet and various projects of the Web 3.0 Foundation through the facilitation of data transmission across the blockchain system with further Web 3.0 usage growth.

Furthermore, according to the recent roadmap version, the asynchronous support function will be distributed to Kusama by the end of this year and transmitted to the Polkadot(DOT) later. As a result, the network’s TPS capacity will increase to between 100,000 and 1 million. Another announcement by the company stated that the new scheduling Parathreads that allow Parachain slot rentals will go live in the first or second quarters.

Delio will continue to work toward safe financial services and easy digital assets management.



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