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[Delio] Delio to Speak about Crypto Success — a Year-long Crypto Show <Virtual Talk>


This is Delio, a leading crypto bank and your guide through the cryptocurrency world. Welcome back to the Delio Medium channel, where we share the most important latest crypto news with every digital lover.

Today we brought something special to share with you!

For the past year, Delio has been attending the <What does make the Blockchain special> held by Korean Economic-focused <Virtual Talk> episodes aimed at the discussion about the world’s recent trends starting with blockchain, cryptocurrencies, DeFi, NFTs, issues that occurred in the Korean and global digital asset market and ending with the direction of the industry development and new digital asset pledge bills and regulations.

So now, we would like to take you to the show’s highlights together!

Delio enters the game! And why did Delio participate in the production of <Virtual Talk>?

The new digital asset market is evolving quickly as time goes by. Like any other technology, blockchain might be challenging and tricky, in particular for those who are just in the early stage of their digital asset investment career.

In this regard, as a leading crypto bank and the only DeFi-CeFi crypto aster provider in the local market, Delio was invited to share advice on the rapidly changing cryptocurrency market trend with the social atmosphere where virtual assets are starting to be recognized as an asset.

Delio is one of a very few crypto asset providers that obtained the Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) certificate in February 2022 after going through the government’s strict screening procedures where the company should meet certain requirements such as ISMS certification and qualifications of representatives and executives.

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If you are still concerned about cryptocurrency on its thinking that the market is unstable and unpredictable, then we read dispel doubts with the points below discussed during the show.


<Virtual Talk> and “The Future of the Finance is… Crypto..? and Blockchain..?”

Yes, absolutely! Here are your quick but undeniable key things about the blockchain and cryptocurrencies from Korea’s best crypto experts:

Decentralization and security:

Professor Park Soo-Yong (School of Metaverse at Sogang University, South Korea) clarified that utilizing a blockchain smart contract transparency simplifies the process of the identification of fraudulent transactions without the need for a central authority or regulators that existed above the user.

High volatility:

According to Professor In-ho, the Director of the Blockchain Research Institute, Korea University, although the current market is volatile, the digital coin usage value will eventually rise as the storage value of crypto money is higher than the value of use.

Crypto regulations:

Meanwhile, all the governments are in hurry to regulate the rapidly growing financial industry, Korea comes up with the Act of reporting and using specified financial transaction information to prevent the prevention of money laundering and give cryptocurrency exchanges an obligation to prevent money laundering by obtaining the license.

Highlights of the <Virtual Talk> with James Jung, the CEO of Delio:

[Episode 35]

We examined each of the new Korean government’s virtual asset pledge policies in turn in March, highlighting the necessity for regulations that consider the site and the ecosystem.

Watch [Episode 35] KOR (don’t forget to turn on the subtitles):

[Episode 50]

In <Virtual Talk>’s last episode we discussed Ethereum Merge, the legalization of digital assets, and the rebirth of new Korean fiat and NFT markets.

Watch [Episode 50] KOR (don’t forget to turn on the subtitles):

[Episode 7]

With a growing number of payment systems replacing traditional credit and debit cards with Bitcoin ATMs, and crypto assets a new digital finance generation is on the verge of a daily basis.

Watch [Episode 7] KOR (don’t forget to turn on the subtitles):

[Episode 37]

The fast-growing industry requires innovative alliances. In this episode, you will learn in-depth about large corporations entering the virtual asset market and how they change the business model under the trends.

Watch [Episode 37] KOR (don’t forget to turn on the subtitles):

[Episode 42]

As the crypto market fluctuates, governments and industry stakeholders are working tirelessly to stabilize the market and protect investors, as well as secure investment methods from the consumer’s perspective.

Watch [Episode 42] KOR (don’t forget to turn on the subtitles):

Summarizing a year-long <Virtual Talk> series in one sentence:

Blockchain increases trust, security, transparency, and the traceability of data shared across a business network — and delivers cost savings with new efficiencies proving that crypto is not a short-term technology.

Make the safe investment with Delio, a leading crypto bank!

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