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Delio, Development of a Paired Stable Coin for Commercial Payments

Originally posted October 16th, 2018 in Delio’s blog

What is Delio all about?

As some of you already know, Delio is a compound blockchain project that combines two things.

Firstly, it is “H2B”: Delio connects home and business to create new values and returns revenue to the users.

Secondly, Delio is the development of a “Stable Coin for Commercial Transactions” for the Delio platform. We aim to make our stable coin suitable for commercial transactions, thus having the goal of solving the problems preexisting stable coins have: we will solve the problem concerning the value appreciation (in other words the lack of the investment value) while also achieving price stability which is needed for commercial payments. We call this the “Stable Stake Coin”.

It is not easy to design and give shape to a stable coin that has the two functions that are at odds with each other: stability and volatility. But… in Delio we seem to have found the way!

Today, you will be able to find out more about Delio’s Stable Stake Coin.

1. Background

In recent years, interest in the research and development of a stable coin has been increasing as the need to use cryptocurrencies in the real economy has increased due to the possibilities to reduce financial charges and to increase profits.

As interest, research, and investment in stable coins have increased overseas, we can see that also in Korea for example ‘Binance’ and ‘Timon’ are participating in theTerra project. However, the research and development of stable tokens is still in its infancy, and we can not say that all the shortcomings of stable coins are yet solved.

2. Why are Stable Coins important in the Cryptocurrency Market?

· Due to the price volatility, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum have limitations on their usability for commercial payments. In other words, because of the price volatility, the price of a a currency when the payment is made and the price of a currency when the payment is settled can be different, thus both user and the business operator have to put up with the risk due to the inconvenience of exchaning the currency and the possible price drop. In the actual economy, where the the main purpose of currencies is to purchase goods and services, stable coins are more suitable than the currencies with price volatility.

· Stable coins used in the real economy can contribute to the spreading and popularization of cryptocurrencies. Also, since using stable coins is a good solution for companies that want to add blockchain to their existing business models, it can encourage the emergence of a variety of real-world economic models.

· A stable coin must satisfy the high performance, stability and the ability for growth simultaneously at the levels needed in the real economy. For example design complexity and implementation difficulties are some of the problems needed to be solved and if properly done the improving of the stable coins can lead to the development of the blockchain technology in whole.

· Given the size of the real economy market, the growth will be significant.

3. Problems of Existing Stable Coins

The stable coins with stabilized price are suitable as a cryptocurrency to be used in payments. However, stable coins have not received much of attention in the past due to the lack of investment value since the value of the price does not rise.

As you may well know, some of the most famous stable coins’s features are:

· Tether (USDT): Centralized and difficult to secure the stability and transparency of the cryptocurrency’s operations. Used for cryptocurrency transactions.

· DAI: Risk of price collapsing, complicated structure, inefficient use of capital, no increase in value, and used for cryptocurrency loans.

· Basecoin: A need to have faith in growth but the value does not rise. Investment in profits from currency issuing.

4. Delio’s Features

· Delio’s advantage is that the price of the cryptocurrency is fixed rather than being stabilized so it can be used in the payments for goods. The more the ecosystem grows, the higher the value of our cryptocurrency will be. We call it the “Stable Stake Coin”.

· We are also building a “new ecosystem” where you can use Delio as your standard payment currency. We make contributing to society possible by compensating for “value labor” such as housework, childcare, volunteering, and so on which deserve to be recognized. We are going to use Delio as the standard currency for commercial payments in homes, small and big businesses as well as in public institutions.

· High reliability and transparency due to decentralized operations.

5. Current Status and Plan

· As we joined hands with Fleta, we gained technological advantage as Fleta has the performance of 10,000,000 TPS surprassing the third-generation blockchain performance. We have signed an acceleration contract with BR Partners, who were advisors for the Chiliz Project, and our law partner is Tek&Law where the representative lawyer is Mr. Gu Tae-Eon. When APIS with its master node technology joined Delio, Delio acquired even more of a technological advantage and one more outstanding partner.

· Delio as a Service will be opened in the fourth quarter of this year and Mainnet development will be completed next year.

· “Delio PG”, the payment service for Delio and the shopping mall, where goods can be bought with “Delio token” are being established at the same time. Delio’s own private currency exchange will also open.

6. Conclusion

We want to show through Delio, that cryptocurrencies can contribute positively to society. We think that through the positive contribution, we will also be able to speed up the popularization of cryptocurrencies. Delio will develop a new local community economy suitable to the fourth industrial revolution era along with the development of payment tokens that can be used in commercial transactions.

Thank you.

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Originally version written by Delio’s and Croschains CEO, James Jung

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