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[Delio Weekly Academy] Disclosing the Strategy to Achieve Profitable Investment Portfolio | Lecture 5 Review

A well-diversified portfolio is a crucial step to investment success. What’s more important is that the well-crafted cryptocurrency portfolio will lead investors to a stable income even during the crypto winter, the most unstable situation in the financial market.

As an individual investor, you must understand how to choose an asset allocation that best fits your unique investment objectives and risk tolerance.

Despite panic occurring during the most unstable financial market situation, bear markets offer possibilities to build wealth for investors.

In this regard, Delio Weekly Academy hosts Lee Jung-Woo, CEO of Uproot Company, to share the advantages of the bear market and all the know-how investment strategies to make a real profit from Bitcoin investment.

The price of a single Bitcoin has seen a massive increase since the cryptocurrency was first introduced in 2008. While one can argue that Bitcoin can create swings in the investment field, others tend to believe that it is the future of money.

Historically, Bitcoin was not the first crypto-backed concept invested in the financial world.

The concept of E-Cash was introduced back in 1983 year by David Chaum who aimed at the creation of financial privacy protection and centralized cash.

Later in 2008, Bitcoin introduced the concept of decentralized money, or so-called crypto or cryptocurrency, allowing traders to bypass third parties such as banks and traditional payment methods which helped to gain in value from $0.09 to $1,238 in just 3 years.

Now, there are $124 trillion in bonds, $106 trillion in stocks, $327 trillion in real estate, $12 trillion in gold, $40 trillion in currency volume (M1), and $1 trillion in cryptocurrencies that may be considered significant assets.

With the rapid growth of the newly emerged financial market,

new asset classes have brought about significant riches for individuals who utilize them wisely.

Another reason for Bitcoin to become a mainstream currency to be invested in is the fact that the total supply of bitcoins is limited.

Cumulative Bitcoin Issuance by Year

Any cryptocurrency investment, including Bitcoin, may be risky.

On this matter, we are sharing the only investment strategy to minimize risk.

Best way to invest in Bitcoin:

Lee Jung-Woo, CEO of Uproot Company, calls Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) the best investment approach during the bear market to make a real stable profit.

Considering the technical characteristics of the Bitcoin halving, let’s fix the investment period of the funded investment at 4 years. Then Lee Jung-Woo suggests the Bitcoin investment in a savings type for only 4 years with no withdrawal allowed.

Dollar Cost Average

Bottom Line:

Investment is a move of committing time and resources now in pursuit of future results and profits.

Thus, identifying “values that preserve worth in the long-run” and collecting such assets are essential steps to make a successful investment portfolio.

Key point of the investment:

“Finding strong assets and investing for the long term!”

Watch the full Delio Weekly Academy Episode 5 to learn more about all the details of the successful investment in crypto (KOR):


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