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Delio Launched Virtual Asset Business in Monglia with Mongolian Bank TDB

Delio, a specialized crypto finance firm (CEO Jung Sang-ho), is pushing forward a virtual asset business in Mongolia with TDB, an Monglian bank.

Delio announced that they have a plan to provide a range of crypto-related services in Mongolia and global markets including crypto-custody, remittance, deposit, lending, swap, crypto-asset management in cooperation with MDKI, a Monglian blockchain company, and Hexlant, a blockchain development company.

TDB(Trade&Development Bank) is one of the leading banks in Mongolia, ranking 2nd out of 17 banks based on total asset. It works predominantly with industrial clients, about 400 companies in Mongolia and its activities are mainly targeted at the companies such as permanent loan, investment loan, issuing letter of international transaction credit, financial consulting, and fund-raising for international financial market.

MDKI is a Mongolian mineral resource and blockchain company, having business partnership and cooperation with state-run resource and energy firms including Erdenes Mongol, Mongolia’s largest state-owned enterprise. Recently with Bitfury, a crypto mining giant from Netherlands, and a blockchain data center, MDKI is the largest company with hash, setting out joint-mining of virtual assets.

Hexlant, a South Korean blockchain firm founded by a group of former Samsung developers, provides the overall services on blockchain by developing wallets and blockchain smart contract as well as verifying them. Especially it is running TokenBank, a blockchain open platform with 130 thousand users and it has recently launched Octet, a blockchain-as-a-service.

This partnership allows Delio to provide digital currency related services (lending, deposit, swap, etc.) and crypto-custody for TDB and other exchanges.

A Delio official said “the move would allow us to enter the global crypto asset financial market in earnest, and we will do our best to exert all the capacity to have Delio’s services settled down like virtual asset lending, deposit, remittance, swap, crypto-custody in the global market for the second half of the year.”


Crypto Finance专业公司DELIO(代表 Jeong SangHo)与蒙古TDB银行一同推进蒙古虚拟资产金融事业。


蒙古TDB(Trade&Development Bank)是蒙古17家银行中按总资产标准排名第二的蒙古具代表性的银行,以蒙古的400多家企业为主要客户,并且以企业为中心提供项目贷款、投资贷款、贸易贷款、开具国际交易信用证、金融咨询、国际金融市场资金筹措等服务。

MDKI是与蒙古最大的国营企业蒙古Erdenes(Erdenes Mongol)等全球资源及能源相关的国营企业建立协作及合作关系的矿物资源运输公司,最近正与荷兰虚拟资产开采公司Bitfury通过区块链数据中心共同开采虚拟资产,是拥有蒙古国内最大Hash的企业。




デリオ、モンゴル TDB銀行とモンゴル仮想資産金融事業への進出

クリプトファイナンス専門企業デルリオ(代表チョン・サンホ)がモンゴルTDB銀行と一緒に、モンゴル 暗号資産金融事業を推進する。


モンゴルTDB(Trade&Development Bank)は、総資産基準モンゴル17銀行の 2位に該当するモンゴルの代表銀行で、モンゴルの400以上の企業を主な顧客とし、企業を中心としてプロジェクトローン、投資ローン、貿易ローン、国際取引信用状の発生、金融コンサルティング、国際金融市場の資金調達などのサービスを提供している。

MDKIは、モンゴル最大の国営企業であるエルデネス・モンゴル(Erdenes Mongol)などのグローバル資源およびエネルギー関連の国営企業と協力・提携を結んでいる鉱物資源輸送業者で、最近では、オランダの暗号資産採掘企業であるビットフューリー(Bitfury)と、ブロックチェーンデータセンターを通じた暗号資産の共同採掘に乗り出した、韓国最大のハッシュを保有している企業である。






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Delio Digital Asset Finance Group, established in 2018, is №1 fintech company based in Seoul and acquired digital asset licenses from Korean and US governments.