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4 min readApr 1, 2019


Open broadcast ‘B-Talk Show Season 3’ went live on Afreeca TV at micimpact Yeoksam Studio located at Yeoksam, Gangnam on Friday 11th! As a talk show participating corporate, Delio had time to introduce the Delio project to many audience! Let’s look at the vivid scene of the talk show. (*Claps*)

I was surprised to see much more people present on the open studio than I thought! There were pizzas and simple drinks ready on the studio as well.

The broadcast began, and they had Q&A times, discussing about various things related to blockchain technology, and we were able to witness fun events. But what would top the fun of airdrop during the site participation? The audiences received four project airdrop redemption codes including the project by Delio!

On the day we’ve shared the photo of us visiting the shooting site, one of the community members who were at the site shared a photo of them as well! Sorry, we are not sure who you are, but thank you for sharing! Personally, it was very fun because I was able to meet those who participated COEX Delio Booth Event!

With explanations of token types (finance, payment, reward, stock), they talked about various token issues like how many payment projects were processed but there are many problems present to satisfy the business purposes. The introduction finished with saying that Delio is a platform based on SSC and DaaS so that corporates and individuals can issue and operate their own tokens, which suits the purpose of business transaction the cryptocurrency is useful at; only 5 minutes were given to us and the audience felt it was short, so some requested another introduction for the project on communities.

There was a big airdrop event held as well! And prize was Delio tokens worth 300 Million won!! Delio employees present at the site couldn’t hide the envy. It was delivered to the prize winner, and the prize winner posted a picture to verify they’ve received it. This interested them and now they are supporting Delio project from the community.

It was late in the Friday afternoon near the dining time, so I worried that not many people would participate, but it was just an unnecessary worry. It was our participation to an external event, but I was stirred by hearing to various good discussions. It was also a delightful time to meet those whom I talked with at previous Delio COEX Booth event. I asked them what nickname they use on Delio community, but they didn’t answer. I was still delight to meet them. All Delio employees agreed that we should hold an exclusive meetup as soon as possible. I anticipate the day the people supporting Delio meet up with us, talking about Delio while having delicious foods.

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