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[Delio] Reasons to ‘land’ your crypto on Delio Lending service

Your weekly answer on the question ‘Why Delio?’ has arrived!

Still wondering why Delio gets so much attention worldwide? Although there are many reasons why consumers pick Delio, today we’ll give a prompt explanation on Delio Lending service.

Let us dive you into reasons to ‘land’ your cryptocurrency on Delio Bank.

Crypto lending? What is that?

At first glance, cryptocurrency lending accounts look much like bank savings accounts with the only difference with the type of money, cryptocurrencies instead of fiat money. Upon opening an account, an investor deposits bitcoin and collects interest. While some investors utilize stablecoins, most deposits are made in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Delio, a leading crypto bank, offers crypto lending service for the benefit of generating extra revenue with the easy-to-use system.

So, let’s have a look at why Delio customers are in love with this service.

LTV ratio of 90% for BTC and ETH

If this is your first-time in the crypto world and all these digital coins, you may be wondering what the LTV ration is.

LTV ration, a shorted version of Loan-to-Value ratio, refers to the determination of lending risk that banks and other lending organizations look at before authorizing a mortgage. In other words, LTV determines the maximum amount of a secured loan based on the market value of the asset pledged as collateral.

For the best user experience and high profit opportunities, Delio offers a lending (loan) service for BTC and ETH with 90% of the LTV ratio* of collateral.

Zero prepayment

As Delio focuses on the users’ needs and convenience when using the services, prepayment is possible at any time throughout the first 90 days of the lending duration prepayment can be applied with no prepayment fee.

The handling fee is 0.044% per day and the payment is automatically handled on the last day of each month during the lending period.

[Handling Fee Calculation Formula] Loan in KRW × (Annual Handling Fee Rate ÷ 365) × Number of Days ÷ Bitcoin Price at the Time of Settlement

Loan limit

Delio offers an easy-to-use system which allows withdrawal as soon as the withdrawal application is approved.

On top of that, Delio set the minimum lending amount at one time for 1.5 million KRW which may go up to 30 million KRW.

The maximum lending sum of 100 million KRW per day.

You can also apply multiple times under the daily limit of 100 million won.

Start smart and easy investment with Delio Bank today and make a profit also today!

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