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[Delio Weekly Academy] Secret Formula to Succeed Any Crypto Project | Lecture 2 Review

The crypto industry continues to get huge traction from investment institutions, billionaires, and the ordinary public and it is not a secret that the crypto industry is causing waves throughout the world.

This sudden growth has resulted in a major increase in competition within the industry, and therefore, companies must think of innovative ways to market themselves to the masses, but how?
If you are concerned about the given issue, Delio has prepared all the answers to make any crypto project stand out from the digital asset crowd.

Following the 1st Episode of the Delio Weekly Academy regarding the perception of the successful crypto information research, the Delio Weekly Academy Episode 2 was led by BlitzLabs with the speech from director Kim DongHwan focusing on the key features for the success of widely known projects such as Ethereum, Solana, and BSC and so on.

For those who were unable to attend the Delio Weekly Academy, in this post of the 2nd Episode dedicated to the successful crypto journey we are revealing the secret formula for all the successful projects the world knows right now.
From now we elucidate the key to the successful crypto path.

Delio Weekly Academy Episode 2

What makes crypto projects such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, and others stand out from the crypto market?

Here are 3 major concepts that Kim DongHwan (BlitzLabs CEO) shared with the audience.

  1. The project’s use benefiting the world matters.

In the case of the BTC, the world’s first cryptocurrency introduced the feature of a decentralized currency that can be widely used without the 3rd party control.

2. DeFi and NFT are the major game players.

The world has known only two main concepts to successfully manage digital asset-backed projects even during the bear cryptocurrency market situation: DeFi and NFT.

Ethereum has brought the new idea of crypto trading by introducing smart contracts for decentralized exchanges of digital art, in other words, non-fungible tokens or NFT.

3. High Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility.

An Ethereum virtual machine is a software platform, or “virtual computer,” used by developers to create decentralized applications (DApps), as well as to execute and deploy smart contracts on the Ethereum system.

Let’s examine the Binance strategy to compete with Ethereum:

- Binance is made based on a similar user environment as Ethereum is

- Smart contract is embedded in the blockchain

- What Ethereum lacked for, Binance made up the advantages including transaction speed and transaction fees

Apart from the educated information, Delio offers an exclusive opportunity to every audience of the Delio Weekly Academy to participate in the Q&A crypto market-related sessions with the crypto experts from South Korea.

Watch the full episode to know more about all the details of the successful crypto project (KOR):


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