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Delio Summary

delio summary

1. What is Delio?

· SSC, short for “Stable Stake Coin”, is the first token for commercial payments.

· Without developing their own Main-net or Dapp, individuals and companies can issue their own tokens and use them for commercial transactions through “DaaS”, which works as an ASP.

· Delio creates “the first platform to issue and operate tokens suitable for commercial transactions” based on SSC and DaaS.

2. Delio’s Goal

Big and small companies have needs to use tokens in their own businesses for variety of reasons. But, they are facing problems because of two different reasons:

Firstly, it is difficult for the companies to develop and operate their own commercial payment tokens, Dapp and Main-net. Even major companies face problems with this.

Secondly, there is no token that would be actually suitable to be used exclusively in commercial payments yet.

Delio solves these problems and helps companies to issue and operate their own tokens easily and furthermore use those tokens in their businesses. Through this Delio will expand the real token economy to global scale.

3. Why do we need SSC?

Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, recently mentioned in an article that cryptocurrencies are best suited for the payment field. Currently, the problems of the cryptocurrency payment projects are the following:

· Volatile cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin are not suitable for payment purposes.

· Stable coins like Tether do not suit the specialized payments in the commerce field and they do not have investment value.

· Most of the existing cryptocurrency payment projects are payment applications or cards where Ethereum, or a similar cryptocurrency is used as the payment token and then rewarded to the service users. Even if there was an actual token created to be used in payments, because of price volatility it still would not be suitable for payment purposes.

· Current payment tokens cannot solve one token problems. So to speak, the problem occurs when one token performs two functions as a utility and security token. When the payment token functions more like a utility token, it is less appealing to be purchased at a higher value on the exchange, whereas when it functions more like a security token, its volume in circulation declines leading to the decrease in payment functionality.

· “Token Circulation Ecosystem” that is circulated based on the issuance and expansion of tokens, use of tokens and dealings of tokens is not realized.

· On top of that, the realization of token economy is inadequate.

Thus, there is a need for a cryptocurrency which is specialized exclusively in commercial payments. While being stable so that it is safe to use it in payments it also has to have investment value. The cryptocurrency that can meet these needs is Delio’s “Stable Stake Coin”, also known as SSC.

· SSC is the first cryptocurency to be specialized in commercial payments.

· DTP (Dual Token Pairing) method is constructed by DELO and DELIO tokens. Delio uses the DELO token whose price is perfectly stable for payments and DELIO token which is volatile in value.

· As DELO is used only for buying goods, its price is fixed at 1 DELO = 0.012 USD

· DELO’s issue amount starts with 0, and as companies using DELO grow, more DELO will be issued without there being a limit.

· DELO token will not be listed in cryptocurrency exchanges, thus it will be used only within the Delio Ecosystem.

· DELIO token’s issue amount is limited to 5 billion.

· You cannot use DELIO token to purchase goods.

· DELIO token will be listed on exchanges.

· The exchange rate starts with DELO : DELIO = 1:1(DELO token’s price =0.012 USD).

· DELO and DELIO tokens can be be exchanged with each other only in certain cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges.

· So that DELO token’s usage (amount of tokens issued) can sustainably grow, DaaS is provided to individuals and companies at no cost. Through DaaS it is easy to expand company alliance.

What does a programmable token mean? For example, if you give tokens to children as pocket money, you can change the settings of the token so that it cannot be used in making payments at game centers. Payment applications cannot prevent this from happening. Additionally, the following functions are provided:

· Personalizing your currency

· Inherit tokens through supplier’s revenue sharing

· Transition from money spending concept to profitability concept

· User benefits and usability provided that existing traditional currencies cannot provide

· Delio PG is a decentralized P2P PG which makes it possible to easily make payments wherever, whenever with DELO tokens.

· Provides a mobile PG service and it can be easily applied to online/offline service by providing various APIs.

4. Why we need DaaS?

· Was it a major company or SME, everybody has to invest a huge amount of time and money to develop and operate their own Dapp or Main-net.

· There is also a lot of problems in providing a payment service for customers using the existing Ethereum, Bitcoin or any of the stable coins.

· A token payment service, that a single company independently builds is too closed as its ecosystem’s scale is small and the diversity of goods and services is insufficient.

· There is also a lot of limits in payment ecosystems constructed by large retail companies who have taken the role of traditional middlemen.

DaaS is a free ASP solution companies can use to issue and operate their own tokens in an easy way by using SSC without developing Dapp or Main-net.

· Companies and individuals can issue their own tokens and operate their Dapp service by just signing up for a membership at Delio’s website. (Tokens issued are based on the DELO token.)

· Tokens that company issue can be named after the company brand.

· Companies provide a collateral for the tokens issued.

· The BAAS method, which provides a blockchain library also needs a development process. However, DaaS does not require the development stage thus making excellent performance and scalability possible.

· Companies will provide “goods”, “customers” and “tokens (cash)” to the Delio ecosystem through DaaS. Thus, the greater the number of companies using DaaS is, the greater Delio’s usability and ecosystem’s value is.

· The greatest advantage of DaaS is that since large companies, SMEs and individuals can all easily issue their own tokens and operate Dapps, it is possible to gather many token issuers and partners in a short period of time.

· With 100 000 brands creating their independent ecosystems, the largest unified payment ecosystem using tokens will be formed.

· Delio does not compete with the existing large enterprises or SMEs, but provides a free DaaS solution for them to use.

· By simply inserting Delio’s API to the already operating mobile applications or web-services, they can easily be changed to blockchain Dapps.

· As the tokens of each company are interoperable, they can be used in every brand and this will help each company to improve their sales.

· The transaction fees and the financial costs for companies reduce, customer expansion via the shared customers of the unified ecosystem, thus possible improvement in sales. It also can be used to launch new services and marketing. Additionally, you can bind the customer to your brand through tokens.

It is possible to easily collect a large amount of tokens in a short period of time. For example, if you get 10 dollars’ worth of tokens from 50 different companies, you already have 500 dollars. The tokens worth of 500 dollars can now be integrated into one wallet as the same “one token” and you can use them where you want as much as you want.

As more businesses or individuals use DaaS, the issuing volume of payment token DELO will increase.

5. Why Delio will Succeed?

• Convenience/Shopping, Coffee/Drinks, Confectionery/Bakery, Burger/Pizza, Ice cream/Bingsu, Chicken, Movies/Music/Games, Gas/Maintenance, Dining, Travel/Leisure, Snacks/Porridge/Convenience Food, Culture/Lifestyle, Gift Coupons/Books and so on. There is more than 100 brands from different fields where you can use DELO tokens to make your purchases. Most of the brands are well-known.

To create a perfect token circulation economy ecosystem, we need to construct three systems. An ecosystem for issuing tokens and proliferation, ecosystem for token use and an ecosystem for token transactions. Delio fully creates all of the three ecosystems.

We build a Main-net necessary for commercial payments with POF, Block Redesign, Level Tree, Parallel Sharding and where 20 000 TPS Speed is possible.

6. Best Team and Advisors

*James Jung*

Croschain Technology CEO
Blockchain Society
DO B&C Group CEO
Zionid CEO
Korea Telecommunications Technology

*InSoo Han*

Skymedow Partners LLC
Penta Security AMO Advisor
Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology
University of Illinois
Seoul National University

*JongTae Choi*

Linko CEO
Linkomall CEO
CI-Jaeil CEO

*JooTae Cho*

Croschain (Delio) Audit
DongIn Law Cryptocurrency Team Manager
DongIn Law Lawyer
Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office Chief Prosecutor
Seoul Eastern District Prosecutors’ Office Chief Prosecutor
Supreme Prosecutors’ office Central Investigation Dept. Research Officer
Daegu Western Prosecutors’ Office, Head
Seoul National University

*SeungEun Myeong*

VentureSquare CEO

*TaeUn Koo*

Delio Legal Partner
Tek&Law Representative Lawyer
Blockchain Legislation Association Vice President
Korea Start-up Forum Director
DHP Partner
BigBangAngels Partner
Korea University

7. The Best Partners

Cosmos Lunamint, Hexlant (Token Bank), BRP, FLETA, Sky Meadow Partners, Linko, BeFe, VentureSquare, Hanyang University, BBOD and etc. are included in the top partners of Delio!

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