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[Delio Team Interview] Connecting Korea and China with blockchain

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The Chinese blockchain market has been acknowledged as the most rapidly development market in the world. China has passed the Cryptography Law (密碼法) in October last year, and is quickly establishing and maintain related bills to legalize virtual assets including blockchains and digital currencies at the central government level. We have looked into the Chinese market with global business talent and legal expert Megan Hwang who has experience in various businesses for numerous years in the tremendous Chinese market that is dreaming to hold the absolute power of blockchains.

International law expert Megan Hwang connects Korea and China through blockchain

Megan Hwang is a legal expert and global business professional who received her Master’s degree on International Law at Fudan University in China which is considered one of the most prominent universities in the world. As an international laws legal expert at various nations and regions including Shanghai, Hong Kong, Korea, and etc. for a long period, Megan has been in charge of blockchain project related legal consultation.

Q. You have worked as a legal expert for 16 years. Please tell us about your career.
A. I was in charge of the “Financing Project” field at famous large companies and Shanghai HQ and Hong Kong HQ of overseas firms and conducted legal counseling for overseas financing. Legal counseling of financing projects involves all legal consultations including legal inspections, review and preparation of contracts, negotiation, and closing deals for financing. It would be better if I could reveal the firms that I have worked at, but please understand that they cannot be revealed because they are very famous firms or listed companies in Hong Kong. Afterwards, I have started full-scale consultation about cutting-edge technology at TEK & LAW which is an IT law firm when mobile related fin-tech and IT start-ups started to emerge in 2015, foreign direct investment (FDI) consultation, and blockchain related legal consultation.

Q. What was your motivation of changing your expertise from financing projects to blockchains?
A. Actually, I started to have interest on the technology called blockchain since 2013. That is why I have known about blockchains for a long time. After giving a presentation about the topic “Legal issues of applying healthcare blockchain” at an academic conference at Gachon University in June 2017, I started to look into blockchains in detail. There were many blockchain related consulting duties at the law firm at that time because of the ICO boom, and I was in charge of many project related legal consultation. At this time, the people I have worked with were very famous people in both the Korean and Chinese blockchain industries which made me start blockchain related consultation with the dream of bridge-building between Korea and China.

China, the center of the blockchain market, blockchain promotion policies, CBDC, local atmosphere

As China has ordered “Blockchain technology promotion” since the statement by Xi Jinping in October last year, Bitcoin had skyrocketed 40% and the blockchain is receiving attention again. Many people are curious about the local situation about the change in China.

Q. The Chinese blockchain market is rising since Xi Jinping made a statement. How is the current situation in China?
A. In October last year, Xi Jinping mentioned blockchain as the core technology of a new infrastructure policy at the 1024 statement and National Development and Reform Commission on April 20th, and blockchain related industries are receiving spotlights again. There are several cases of Chinese government departments and local governments supporting firms and cooperating based on blockchain technology. Not only are they simply investing capital, but are creating investments in various perspectives such as training talents or improving systems to develop the basis of that technology. Young Chinese people have positive change on the fact that learning about blockchains is hot. Blockchains are leading the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) field and the expectation on CBDC is increasing.
In addition, operating virtual asset exchanges in China is basically impossible, but global exchanges such as Binance and Huobi which are classified as actual Chinese region exchanges are well-known and numerous Bitcoin mining is taking place through Chinese mining firms such as BitMain. According to the China Electronic Information Industry Development (CCID), the blockchain market is growing more than twofold every year and it has been announced that the blockchain market size will exceed 512 million Yuan (8.9053 billion Won) expecting explosive development.

Q. What is the perception of Chinese people about finance services such as Defi, virtual asset lending and deposits?
A. Finance services of lending or deposit of virtual asses such as Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) are gradually increasing since last year. Large exchanges such as Binance, Huobi, and OKEX are providing derivative products and finance services such as lending, deposits, spots, options, and DeFi in which Chinese users and blockchain officials are very familiar with these services and are showing friendly attitude. Especially, as the interest on DeFi is increasing since the end of last year, various media are talking about DeFi and DeFi related industries that create related media and channels are quickly increasing.
In Korea, Delio and Defi are the most active virtual asset finance services. Although there are many difficulties in business with China due to COVID-19, it is considered that the awareness of Delio within China will quickly increase if the base is expanded by making partnerships with Chinese firms. That is why meet-ups are being prepared with prominent global partners to communicate with blockchain officials, partners, and users in the main cities in China when the COVID-19 crisis ends. Also, the Delio column is being operated at the №1 Chinese blockchain medium Jin Se Finance which is receiving great interest domestically and is anticipated to have opportunity of winning in the Chinese market.

Life is a challenge and endlessly moving forward

Megan Hwang who is recognized for her global networking and expertise is continuous various activities outside of the firm such as completing her Doctor of Law and running a current affairs program at TBS.

Q. I heard that you are doing various activities in addition to work at Delio. Can you explain to us about these activities?
A. It seems as if I have arrived in Korea just a few days ago, but it has already been 7 years in Korea and it has been 4 years in the blockchain field. I have accumulated various experiences since the early era of blockchains which became a huge asset and I also gave invited talks at various blockchain forums and seminars. I was acknowledged not only in the blockchain field, but also as a legal expert and have participated as a debate gate at the Chinese current affairs program called “News on the road” on TBS for about 3 years since May 2017. I am still receiving contacts from various media including TV, radio, and lectures. I would like to appear in good programs at any time with gratitude. In my personal life, I draw, exercise, and have various hobbies. I believe that life is a challenge. I want to try various activities in the future that I have not done before.

Q. You have completed your Doctor of Laws in Korean last August although you were so busy?
A. Personally, I love to study and learn. That is why I obtained my second Master’s degree in International Law at Korea University in February 2016 and am currently preparing my Ph.D. thesis in the Doctor of Law course at Korea University since September, 2018. I always appreciate my acquaintances who are encouraging and supporting me about working and studying at the same time. There is a saying in China, “学海无涯.” This means that there is no end in the world of learning. Even after I obtain my Ph.D., I would like to contribute more in the society by combining academic and practical factors. Of course, I will make great effort for my large role in the development of Delio where I am associated in. (laughter) Please look forward to the tomorrow of Megan Hwang and Delio!

Megan Hwang who has positive and brave energy in both her business and personal life.
Delio will root for her tomorrow who is enjoying a challenging life more than anyone else with her versatile talents and effort!

[Delio Team Interview] 用区块链连接韩国与中国





Q. 从海外融资项目到区块链领域,转型的契机是什么呢?
A. 事实上,从2013年开始,在中国,区块链技术就得到了广泛的关注。我也从这个时候开始接触了区块链。2017年6月,我在韩国嘉泉大学召开的大韩医疗信息学会春季学术大会上以“医疗产业区块的法律问题”为主题进行了主体演讲。之后三年时间,我深耕韩国区块链市场,参与了诸多项目的发展,并多次陪同韩国项目前往中国北京、上海、深圳、成都,与中国的区块链同行们建立合作伙伴或者进行中韩之间的技术、投资、业务方面的交流。



Q. 在习近平主席讲话之后,中国的区块链领域得到了广泛的关注,现在情况怎样呢?
A. 继去年10月的习近平主席的“1024讲话”之后,4月20日,中国国家发展改革委员会(发改委)会议提到,区块链是新基建中的新技术基础设施,因此,区块链领域再一次得到高度瞩目。实际上,已经有很多中国政府部门和地方政府积极支持区块链技术的发展的示例。这种支持不仅仅是注入资本,更是在夯实相关技术的基础实力的人才培养或者制度改善方面进行投资。中国的年轻人也对区块链学习持有火热的热情,这些就是最新的变化吧。而且,整个行业对央行数字货币也充满了期待。

Q. 我们也很好奇中国人对虚拟资产贷款和存款、DeFi等金融服务的认识和想法是怎样的呢?
A. 从去年开始,用比特币或者以太币等虚拟资产实现的贷款或者存款等金融服务的人气一直上升。币安、火币、OKEX等大型交易所都在提供贷款、存款、DiFi等相关衍生产品和金融服务。特别是,去年末开始,业界对DeFi相关的关注持续上升,很多区块链媒体和大咖都在聊DeFi话题,并且建立了DeFi渠道和专区,可以说中国的DeFi产业正在非常快速地扩大。




A. 时光飞逝,来韩国都已经第7个年头了,在区块链领域也是第4年了。我从韩国区块链初创期的时候进入这个领域,经历了很多,也学习了很多,对我来说都是务必宝贵的精神财富。在这几年,我也受邀诸多区块链大会、研讨会、讲义,进行演讲。此外,作为一位法律人,我从2017年5月开始,连续3年在韩国交通广播电台的中文节目“新闻在路上”担任法律节目的固定嘉宾,总共做了100多期直播节目。现在也时不时收到来自电视台、电台、协会等的演讲或者嘉宾邀请。如果有合适的节目,我非常乐意出演,和大家分享法律常识,为中韩的交流尽绵薄之力。业余时间,我非常喜欢画画,也喜欢运动。人生对我来说就是一次次的挑战。今后,我还想尝试更多没有做过的事情,体会更加多样化的人生。

A. 我非常热爱学习。因此,在2016年2月从高丽大学获得第二个国际法硕士后,2018年9月,我再度回到高丽大学继续博士课程,现在已经完成了国际法博士课程的全部学业,正在写毕业论文。这么多年,我一直一边工作,一边学习,借这个机会,我非常想对我身边的同事、朋友们说一声谢谢。谢谢大家这么多年对我的各种支持、鼓励、理解和关怀。谢谢你们。在中国,有一句话是学海无涯。在获得博士学位后,我希望将学术和实务结合起来,尽我所能为中韩的经济、法律和文化交流作出更多的贡献。当然,我会为一直给与我积极支持的Delio的发展而努力!


[Delio Team Interview] ブロックチェーンで韓国と中国をつなぐ



ホアン・ピンピンさんは、世界上位にランクされ名門大学と呼ばれる中国の上海復旦学校(FUDAN UNIVERSITY)で国際法修士号を取得した法律家であり、グローバルなビジネス分野の専門家です。長い時間、中国の上海をはじめ、香港、韓国などの様々な国や地域で国際法法律家としてブロックチェーンプロジェクトに関する法律顧問を引き受けて来られました。

A.はい。私は有名な大企業と外国企業の上海本社と香港本社などで「プロジェクトファイナンス(Project Finance)」の分野を担当し、海外の資金調達のための法律顧問業務を担ってきました。プロジェクトファイナンスの法律顧問は資金調達のための法務デュー デリジェンスから契約書の検討と作成、交渉、取引終結まで一切の法律関連顧問を担当します。一緒に業務をした企業を公開できるといいのですが、香港の上場企業などあまりにも有名な企業ですから名称の公開は控えさせていただきたいと思います(笑)。以来、2015年のモバイルベースのフィテック、ITスタートアップが発足した頃、韓国のIT専門ローフーァムのテク・アンド・ロー(TEK&LAW)で最先端の技術、法律顧問、外国人直接投資(FDI)顧問、また、ブロックチェーン関連の法律顧問を本格的に開始しました。




A.はい。昨年10月に習近平主席のブロックチェーン関連発言と4月20日の国家発展改革委員会(発改委)会議で新たなインフラ政策の中核的技術としてブロックチェーンが言及され、ブロックチェーン関連ビジネスが再び注目を集めています。実際に、中国政府省庁と地方政府が企業を支援したり、一緒にブロックチェーンの技術を中心に協力する事例があふれています。単純に資本を投入することにとどまらず、その技術の基礎体力を育てる人材育成や制度を改善するなど、多方面からの投資が行われています。中国の若者たちの間では、ブロックチェーンを学ぶこと自体が「ホット(HOT)」することで、肯定的な変化が相次いでいます。何よりも、中央銀行の電子マネー(CBDC:Central Bank Digital Currency)の分野で最も先行しており、CBDCへの期待感が高まっています。

韓国ではデリオがディファイと暗号資産金融サービスを最も積極的に行っていますが、新型コロナウイルスで、中国とのビジネスに大変困っているが、着実に中国企業とのパートナーシップを結ぶなど、着々と底辺を拡大していけば、中国内のデリオの認知度も急速に向上すると見ています。そのため、コロナ感染状況が落ち着けば、中国の主要都市でブロックチェーンの関係者とパートナー、ユーザとのコミュニケーションのためのミットアップ(Meet-Up)などを有数のグローバルパートナーと共同で準備をしています。また、中国トップクラスのブロックチェーン媒体である金色財経(Jin Se Finance)もデリオコラムを開設して運営中ですが、中国現地でもデリオに対する高い関心を示しており、中国市場でも十分に勝算があることを期待しています。



A.はい。韓国に来てからまだ数日のような気がしますけど、もう韓国生活7年目に入り、ブロックチェーンの分野では4年目になりました。ブロックチェーンが胎動した初期の頃から活動しながら、様々な経験を積んだことが大きな資産となって、色々なブロックチェーンフォーラムやセミナーなどに招待されて講演を行っています。ブロックチェーンについての経験だけでなく、法律家としての能力も認められ、過去2017年5月から約3年間、TBS交通放送の中国語時事番組「新聞在路上(News on the road)」でコメンテーターとしても活動していた時期があります。今、テレビ、ラジオ、講演など多くの所からご連絡を頂いています。良いプログラムがあるときは、いつでも感謝の気持ちで出演するつもりです。個人的には絵画や運動など、多様な趣味の活動もしています。人生は挑戦じゃないですか。今後も未体験の様々な活動をたくさんやってみたいと思います。


業務的な部分はもちろん、個人の生活の中でも、肯定的でたくましいオーラが充満なホアン・ピンピン(Megan Hwang)さん。多芸多才で努力まで加わって世界の誰よりも挑戦的な生活を楽しむ彼女の明日をデリオが一緒に応援します!

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