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[Delio Team Interview] How did a Samsung developer get into blockchain?

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When taking about the countries with advanced IT technologies, it is India that first comes to mind. India has so many talented individuals in the field of technology that it is even called the “outsourcing center for global IT companies.” Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, is one of the famous tech talents from India. The global tech talent Chris, who has been on the front lines at global companies such as Nokia and Motorola while in India, the country with advanced IT technologies, is now working with Delio after relocating to Samsung in South Korea. Let’s meet Chris from the Blockchain Development Team at Delio who has just started down a new path for challenge and growth with Delio.

From mobile to blockchain, Choosing innovation
Chris is a highly competent developer who graduated from India’s prestigious IT technology university, Kamla Nehru Institute of Technology, Sultanpur (U.P.). He has been working on technological development for 15 years at famous companies such as Nokia, Motorola, Polycom, Sindoh, and Samsung.

Q. What kind of job did you have at global companies such as Samsung, Motorola, and Nokia?
A. After I joined Samsung in 2011, I developed and established various telecommunication network systems, including DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance, media sharing function) in smart camera applications, as Samsung’s chief engineer for about two years. More specifically, I was in charge of development, such as expanding the function of IPv6, IPSec, and SSL-VPN of Symbian OS, which is Nokia’s operating system that once dominated the global market. I am proud to say that I have been leading the IT industry while working as a leader in charge of development teams in the IT field for 15 years at large renowned companies such as Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, Polycom, and Sindoh.

Q. You have an exceptional career in the IT field related to the development of mobile technology. We are wondering why you decided to face the new challenge of blockchain.
A. Mobile and blockchain are in the same field of science technology. I have been working in the networking telecommunication industry for many years, but as time went by, I came to realize that it has many limitations when it comes to business expansion. On the other hand, blockchain can be used in a wide variety of fields such as banking, securities, healthcare, real estate, and education. And there are growing needs for it around the world. While considering the infinite growth potential of blockchain as well as the global trends, I decided to take bold action and make a fresh start in the blockchain field.

DeFi and Delio,Expect exponential growth
Chris says he is particularly intrigued by the “DeFi” field among the various blockchain technologies and Decentralized Finance is gaining the most attention in the industry, recently. What do DeFi and Delio look like from Chris’s perspective?

Q. Please tell us about your job at Delio.
A. First, I will have to ask for your understanding. Some part of my work must be kept confidential, so I don’t think I can tell you about my job in detail. However, to put it simply, I am currently doing in-depth research and development on the blockchain DeFi protocols. I can definitely tell you that I am carefully classifying the development task into three steps and making all efforts to analyze and take care of everything so as not to miss even the smallest thing!

Q. The whole world has caught DeFi fever. As the leader of the Blockchain Development Team at Delio, what are your thoughts on DeFi?
A. I believe there should be a prudent approach to DeFi, as it is still in the early stages of the market. However, that does not mean we can underestimate DeFi’s influence. Thanks to its exponential growth, the DeFi ecosystem reached an all-time high with its TVL reaching USD 4.22 billion (approximately KRW 5.38 trillion), and the related token market capitalization reaching USD 7.454 billion (approximately KRW 8.9 trillion). In the midst of this, Delio is fast to preoccupy the DeFi market with its outstanding trend-detecting ability and is showcasing “Hybrid DeFi,” which combines the advantages of CeFi and DeFi. As of now, it can be said that there are few to no companies engaged in the DeFi field in Korea. As such, Delio holds a great competitive edge in the market and boasts market competitiveness as well. Don’t you think Delio’s explosive growth is very similar to that of DeFi? I believe that DeFi’s growth will soon become Delio’s growth (laughs).

A young, dynamic world My blockchain and Delio tomorrow
As Chris said, Delio is one of the most popular blockchain companies in the industry. In the blockchain industry, which is changing faster than any other industry, Delio has made a stable settlement in a relatively short time and is preparing to leap forward as a global crypto finance company by combining the capabilities of its members.

Q. Do you have any dreams that you would like to achieve while at Delio?
A. Delio is the “Aladdin’s Lamp” that will transform my aspiration for blockchain into my own self “growth” and “improvement.” The blockchain is a quickly growing field, and Delio is also expanding its base at a rapid pace. More specifically, most of Delio’s members are young, which creates a dynamic company and motivates me a lot. It is my first time working in a company related to blockchain, but I have been observing the field closely since its early days and I can proudly say my understanding of blockchain technology and development also developed quickly. By working with Delio, I believe that I can accomplish a lot of achievements as well as accumulate a wealth of experience regarding the DeFi blockchain.

Chris emphasizes that many IT workers in India are starting to join the blockchain business. He believes that blockchain has such great growth potential. As the blockchain technology itself has great expandability into a variety of fields, Chris believes Delio can perform remarkably in various areas of business, going beyond financial services, and will play a major role in each area. We look forward to his extraordinary performance based on his strong will in the young and dynamic company, Delio.

[Delio Team Interview] 三星开发者为什么会爱上区块链?

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一提到IT强国,大家最先想到的国家就是印度。印度被称为“全球IT企业的外包中心”,拥有众多技术人才。谷歌首席执行官 — — 桑达尔·皮查伊也是以最具代表性的印度出身人才身份而举世闻名。在IT强国印度有一位全球人才,曾经活跃于诺基亚、摩托罗拉等国际企业,后就职于韩国三星,目前又与Delio携手,他就是克里斯。下面就让我们一起了解一下与Delio一起开启全新挑战和发展,现任职于Delio区块链开发组的克里斯吧。

从手机到区块链, 选择创新
克里斯毕业于印度一流IT技术大学 — — Kamla Nehru Institute of Technology,Sultanpur(U.P.),是一名杰出的开发人员。在诺基亚、摩托罗拉、宝利通、新都、三星等著名企业负责技术开发工作超过了15年的时间。

A.2011年就职三星,做了大概2年的三星总工程师,主要负责开发构建三星摄像头应用程序内DLNA(Digital Living Network Alliance,媒体共享功能)等各种通信网络系统。特别是,在曾经掌控世界市场的诺基亚,我负责开发运营系统 — — Symbian OS的IPv6、IPSec及SSL-VPN功能的拓展等。以三星为开端,在诺基亚、摩托罗拉、宝利通、新都等优秀大企业工作的这15年间,我作为在IT现场引领开发组的领导推动了IT业的发展,我本人对此深感自豪。


DeFi和Delio, 期待爆发式发展
对于克里斯来说,区块链众多技术中,DeFi领域的吸引力最大。近期,业界最炙手可热的领域当属DeFi(Decentralized Finance,去中心化金融)。克里斯又是如何看待DeFi和Delio的呢?


A.DeFi尚处于初级市场阶段,我认为需要深重接触。但是,这并不意味着可以忽略DeFi的影响力。DeFi生态系统得力于其爆发式增长,锁定资产总价值(TVL)将近42亿2000万美元(约50380亿韩元),而相关代币总市值也近乎74亿5400万韩元(约89000亿韩元)等,创下了历史新高。在这种情况下,Delio通过精准掌握潮流,快速抢占DeFi市场,实现融合CeFi和DeFi优点的“混合DeFi(Hybrid Defi)”。截至目前,可以说在韩国还没有从事DeFi领域的公司。由此可见,Delio在市场上掌握有绝对优势,具备市场竞争力。Delio展现出的爆发式增长趋势也和DeFi很是相像,不是吗?我坚信DeFi的成长很快就会转换为Delio的成长。(笑)

青春活力的世界 我的未来区块链和Delio


克里斯强调称,印度的众多IT从事人员都已经开始投入区块链领域。可见大家都相信区块链具有相当大的发展可能性。区块链技术本身可以拓展至不同领域,Delio也将超越金融服务,活跃于各类商务活动之中,并在其中发挥重要作用。克里斯展现出了强烈的意志,期待他在充满活力的年轻企业 — — Delio内能够有更加活跃的表现。

[Delio Team Interview]サムスンの開発者がブロックチェーンにハマった理由とは?

#グローバル企業 #サムスン #ノキア #モトローラ #IT経歴 #分散型金融(Defi) #ブロックチェーン #ビットコイン #天職発見 #デリオ #開発者


モバイルからブロックチェーンへ、 革新を選択する
クリスさんはインド最高のIT技術大学である「Kamla Nehru Institute of Technology, Sultanpur(U.P.)」を卒業した優秀な開発者です。ノキアにモトローラ、ポリコムやシンドリコ、サムスンなどの有名企業で、15年間技術開発を担当してきました。


A.2011年サムスンに入社し、約2年間サムスンのチープエンジニアとして、スマートカメラ・アプリケーションのDLNA(Digital Living Network Alliance、メディア共有機能)など、様々な通信ネットワークシステムを開発・構築しました。特に一時は世界市場を掌握したノキアの運営体制であるシンビアン(Symbian)OSのIPv6、IPSecおよびSSL-VPN機能の拡張などの開発を担当したことがあります。サムスンを始め、ノキアやモトローラ、ポリコム、シンドリコなど有数の大企業で約15年間、IT現場で開発チームを率いるリーダーとして、IT業界をリードしてきたと自負しています。



分散型金融(Defi)とデリオ、 爆発的な成長を期待する




A.私は、分散型金融(Defi)はまだ初期市場であるだけに、慎重に扱うべきだと考える方です。だからと言って、分散型金融(Defi)の影響力を無視することはできません。分散型金融(Defi)のエコシステムは爆発的な成長に後押しされて、預入資産の総額(TVL)が42億2,000万ドル(約5兆380億ウォン)、関連トークン時価総額は74億5,400万ドル(約8兆9000億ウォン)に上るなど、過去最高値を更新しています。こうした中、デリオは、優れたトレンド把握により、いち早く分散型金融(Defi)市場を先取りし、集権型金融(CeFi)と分散型金融(Defi)の長所を結合した「ハイブリッド・ディーファイ(Hybrid Defi)」を実現しています。現在の韓国には、分散型金融(Defi)分野に携わる企業は殆どないと言える状況です。その分デリオは、市場において十分な優位を占めており、また市場競争力も備えています。デリオの見せてきた爆発的成長の勢いは、分散型金融(Defi)にとても似ていると思いませんか? 分散型金融(Defi)の成長は、そのままデリオの成長につながると信じています。(笑)

若く、躍動的な世界 私の明日、ブロックチェーンとデリオ

Q. デリオで叶えたい夢はありますか?

A. 私にとってのデリオは、ブロックチェーンに対する熱望を私の「成長」と「発展」に変えてくれる「アラジンの魔法のランプ」です。ブロックチェーン分野はかなりのスピードで発展しており、デリオもまた、速いスピードで裾野を拡げています。特に、若く躍動的な社員が大多数を占める企業なので、私にとっては非常に大きな刺激になっています。ブロックチェーンと関連した会社は初めてですが、ブロックチェーンの草創期から目を付けていた分野であり、ブロックチェーンに対する技術と開発に対する理解も早いと自負しています。デリオと共に分散型金融(Defi)ブロックチェーンに関する豊富な経験はもちろんのこと、多くのことを成し遂げられると信じています。


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