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[Delio Weekly Academy] NFT Shakes Up the World’s Traditional Perception Mapping New Values | Lecture 10 Review

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) gained momentum in 2017 and have contributed significantly to the expansion and growth of the virtual world. These evolving innovations daily offer opportunities for profit gaining despite the current unstable market situation.

There are plenty of reasons for the relatively new industry to rapidly plump in the financial market. However, there is one reason in particular that changes the game enabling it to take root in our daily lives forever.

To share all the secrets of the NFT industry and to guide digital lovers throughout their “digital space” journey, Delio hosts Korea’s top anchor Kim Min Ji in the 10th episode of Delio Weekly Academy dedicated to the

“Formation of the world’s new vision through the Web 3.0 and metaverse merge”

Social media’s new NFT obsession

NFTs are a step in the right direction to use cutting-edge technology to reach out to the world at large and shift the paradigm of the way the online world is pursued by guaranteeing the ownership of digital assets in a decentralized way.

As more and more companies, artists, and general people connect with social media, the growth of the NFT industry accelerates the demand.

By utilizing NFTs as PFPs on social media platforms like Twitter, many NFT holders have developed online identities around their artwork. Now, the world’s giant social media channels are striving to bring this feature on Instagram and Reddit, enabling users to

“The more places you can easily use your digital goods, the more you’ll value them.”

The future of NFTs in the world of Web 3.0

NFTs provide a complete history and proof of ownership for digital assets. This feature helps to produce distinctive digital goods available for sale or purchase on an open market by anybody.

However, it wouldn’t be possible to take even a little step further without Web 3.0.

NFTs have already developed in the present to offer increased utility in a number of industries:

l Keys to digital communities and memberships

l Tradeable game assets

l Ownership of your username and assets in the metaverse

NFTs are laying the groundwork for the digital communities, economies, and assets that will underpin the transition of the internet from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0.

Learn more about NFT memberships:

Learn more about Web 3.0:

The advent of NFT ecosystem and its features

NFTs have fundamentally changed the market for digital assets bringing new efficient solutions to the old issues.

But what exactly does NFT solve?

- Copyright issue

Historically, the “owner” of a digital artwork and someone who just saved a copy on their desktop could not be distinguished. NFTs’ participation in a blockchain network enables them to help tie ownership to a single account.

- Proof of rarity

Each NFT has a unique characteristic stored in the blockchain, allowing it to have distinct personalities, and no two NFTs are alike.

- Transferability

In the case of blockchain technology using NFT, it is possible to give creations existence and economic viability, enabling transactions, communication, and sharing across the real economy and metaverse.

- New economic values

NFT acts as a bridge between the metaverse’s economic activity and the mainstream economy.

According to experts, APAC currently holds a 43% global market share, making it the dominant region. The rising demand for digital assets in nations like Singapore, China, South Korea, the Philippines, and Japan drives the regional market’s growth. Moreover, the increase in the sales of NFT videos by sports enterprises is contributing to the development of the NFT market in APAC in the following four years.

Global NFT market outlook 2022–2026

Bottom line

Undeniably, NFTs are one of the most critical developments in internet commerce. Furthermore, NFTs have the potential to expand and advance the land sector, leading them to financial opportunities.

Don’t miss the chance to take the bite out of NFTs now!

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