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[Global Crypto Assets & Finance Conference 2021] “Capturing Long-Term Value in Crypto Finance with Amber Group“_Annabelle Huang, Partner of Amber Group

  • Global Crypto Assets & Finance Conference 2021
  • Host: Delio, Korea Crypto Finance Association (KCFA)
  • Date: January 27th — January 29th, 14:00–16:10
  • Website:

▣ Capturing Long-Term Value in Crypto Finance with Amber Group_Partner of Amber Group, Annabelle Huang

Amber Group is a leading global crypto finance company servicing institutional and individual clients, helping them access, trade, and manage crypto.

Annabelle Huang began by introducing the issue of having various types of crypto investors by sharing that it would be quite difficult to offer what each investor needs on a single platform. She provided Amber Group’s efforts for this situation by sharing that, “we continue to expand our offerings and eventually built a full-range product suite that can cater to users with different needs.”

Tailored Products for Each Client Tier

“With different combinations of our products, we are able to deliver targeted and most relevant services to users with different needs,” said Annabelle Huang. In addition, she added, “We wish to enable all tiers of investors to capture long-term values from the world of crypto finance.”

Annabelle Huang shared in detail how Amber Group made this happen. “We built a web-end portal, Amber Pro, in 2019. Amber Pro provides asset management and trading functions, including API connection that supplements our offline trading desk. After a few years of serving institutional and HNW clients, we want to further our product efforts under our vision that institutional-grade services should be made available to all. That’s why we built the Amber App, an all-in-one mobile application with easy-to-use features for users globally to access crypto investments and capture long-term values,” she said.

What Amber App & Amber Pro Can Offer

“First I want to highlight the Amber App, our flagship product that we launched last September. It offers 5 major functions: Amber Earn, where you can earn up to 11% p.a. fixed interest rate on major crypto assets including BTC, ETH and USD stablecoins. Amber Invest, with enhanced yield through option-linked structures. There are also Spot and Margin Trade functions, powered by our institutional-grade liquidity and pricing engine on the backend. Last is our Wallet function, supported by industry-leading security providers, including BitGo and Fidelity-backed Fireblocks, so users can safely and securely store and manage their crypto.”

Moreover, she mentioned, “Amber Pro offers competitive spreads and deep access to liquidity. In addition to OTC trading, there are additional liquidity solutions including execution services, where traders can trade through our algos in strategies that they choose, be it TWAP / VWAP, Iceberg, etc. to minimize price slippage when they trade different kinds of altcoins.”

The Future of Amber Group

Annabelle Huang spoke about the prospects of Amber Group. “We will continue to iterate and build a fully-integrated product suite, where retail and institutional investors can experience a seamless digital asset experience. Some new features coming up include payment functions on Amber App, also one that I am personally very excited about, the Amber Card, where you can cross margin with your Earn asset so you can spend while you earn,” she said.

Furthermore, she mentioned, “On Amber Pro, we will launch lending and execution services which signify that all our offerings will be digitized onto an automated platform. We will also launch an integrated account and asset center across our product suite, so you only need one Amber master account to access all of our offerings.”

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