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[Review] Delio, Afreeca TV ‘ Secret Royal Inspector’ Live Shooting Site

We are revealing the shooting site of ‘Secret Royal Inspector: episode Delio’ that went live on Afreeca TV at seven in the afternoon, February 20th! To show you the dynamic scene of the studio, Jamie joined the trip! It was an hour before the live broadcast, and many staffs were passionately preparing the broadcast. This was our first time to join the actual shooting site, so the crew was more nervous than the CEO himself.

We can see beautiful yellow ‘Secret Royal Inspector X Delio’ on the screen! We brought many promotion materials from the office, and a small Delio banner took a side of the screen with a beautiful flower vase. We brought some shirts and Delio goods, and we Delio employees were so touched by seeing the staffs placing and testing positions to make them look good on the screen!

​Thirty minutes before it went live, our CEO James Jung is testing the camera! In prior meetings, he seemed to be under an enormous pressure about leading the show alone for two hours, but you know how he did it if you watched the show, right?! Wearing the nameplate and the microphone, he’s been waiting his order quietly at one side!

The hosts of Afreeca TV ‘Cryptocurrency’ were Glosfer CEO Taewon Kim and BJ Jiyeoning, and they started the show with their opening lines. There were many people who were new to the Delio project, and there were people who said on the Delio community that they were watching the show. We’ve enjoyed the show while checking the internet’s interest on the Delio Project with our phones and laptops. (We’ve also done some real-time viewer verification events, didn’t we?!)

James soon smoothly entered the screen from just outside of it and discussed with hosts for about one and half hours. And we’ve enjoyed the live show as viewers! The show was mainly about 1. the introduction of James Jung, 2. The Delio Project, 3. The forecast of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in 2019.

We were also able to hear about the naming history of Delio that he just suddenly came up with such name while eating some pasta. It was definitely a meaningful time to hear about a different view on various issues of the blockchain businesses that blockchain cryptocurrency projects’ traditional customs (like Delio not having the white paper, or the operation of community built during ICO process). And lastly, at the question what kind of steps the Delio would take, he answered like this.

“It is important to make profit from cryptocurrencies, but we are working on the project with the mind that we might be building a society that we are dreaming of. It is very upsetting that both external and interview of the blockchain that there are no successful cases despite the fact many businesses are continuously producing testable products. We’ll show you how we make the best output in the range the current market can accept, and how it can be improved. I want to say that it is rather to say we’ll do our best, more than anyone rather than saying our advantage is this and that.”

Like James Jung mentioned on the stream, there are a lot of works to do, such as developments, putting a lot of thoughts for creation and operation of communities, positive effects of the project, negative views of the public, etc., to lead the blockchain cryptocurrency project. All Delio team members will put a lot of thoughts and our best efforts into it. Please look forward to it!!

Highlight Video — Delio Project

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