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[Delio] Russian Bank Sber Is Getting Ready for Its First Digital Currency Deal

Russian banking giant Sber, initially known as Sberbank, is preparing to conclude its first digital currency deal and its own proprietary digital asset platform in the near future, crypto media CoinTelegraph reported on June 15.

On its digital asset issuance platform, the bank will conduct its first transaction involving digital financial assets (DFA) by the middle of July.

Deputy chairman of Sber’s executive board Anatoly Popov claimed that Sber finally received a long-waited Bank of Russia approval in spring 2022.

Despite the news not directly mentioning the application of blockchain on Sber’s platform, Popov noted that the bank will continue to explore the technology.

Additionally, Russia’s second-largest bank VTB is preparing to test buying DFAs in September 2022 in exchange for the digital currency of the central bank, the digital ruble.


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