American Pale Ale (or “APA” to those in the know) is a style of beer that has become increasingly popular along with the rise of craft beer. It’s a style of beer that’s all about the hops — typically bold “New World” US hops like Cascade, Simcoe & Citra.

But hang on just a minute. American Pale Ale? New World hops? What’s the matter with good old English hops? We’ve been growing hops for longer than America has been a country!

Well, that’s certainly true and, recognising this, Moor brewery teamed up with noted hop purveyors Charles Faram to produce Jester — a modern British hop that’s more than a match for those upstarts across the pond.

“Empire Strikes Back” was the original name for this brew, but for general release Moor chose a title perfectly capturing the great British tradition of brewing making a comeback, fortunately sidestepping any association with any Hollywood blockbusters in the process. A proper IPA chocked full of a fantastic British hop.

Return of the Empire has been making the DeskBeers rounds over the last couple of weeks along with Moor’s SO’HOP (Golden Ale),Amoor (Porter) and Confidence (Red Ale). All four are cracking brews, but Empire was our ultimate pick of the bunch.

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We’re all out of Empire, but for reasons we’re still not quite sure of we had a few extra cases of the Confidence left over. We’re selling them off in our new store. If you like Red Ale, now’s your chance to pick up a bargain.