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Jamie Kyle
Mar 18 · 3 min read

UPDATE (23/03/2020): DeskBeers has now stopped shipping all physical goods to customers.

UPDATE 2 (26/5/2020): We’re back! We’re now back in the warehouse again and focusing our efforts on Distributed!

As a direct response to COVID-19, DeskBeers will be pausing our normal operations delivering beer to offices and launching a new product called ‘DeskBeers Distributed’, focused on delivering beers to teams that now find themselves distributed across the U.K., possibly for the first time.

For those unfamiliar with us, DeskBeers provides craft beer boxes and beer taps to offices and agencies. With the recent government recommendation that people work from home where possible, and our keen desire to support social-distancing efforts, we’ve seen our whole business model evaporate, almost overnight.

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Each box will contain 1 x Core Beer and 1 x Craft Beer.

We’ve been working flat out to respond to this existential threat to our business (and by extension to our independent brewery suppliers). ‘DeskBeers Distributed’ is what we’ve come up with.

DeskBeers Distributed is a mini version of what we do. Simply add the home addresses of your teammates (as many as you need) and we’ll post a box of 2 craft beers to each person for £9.99 (+VAT) per box.

It’s not our finest work, but we need to get something out there. As a small, independent business supplied by many more small, independent businesses, we vitally needed to establish a new route to market quickly, and this is our first draft in response. Right now, done is very much better than perfect.

As a result, DeskBeers Distributed has some pretty severe limitations; we’ve restricted it to just craft beers for now, but if successful we will add wines, ciders and soft drinks as options to choose for each team member. It’s also a “one-and-done” affair, meaning if you want this to be a regular thing then for now you’ll have to fill in your teammates’ addresses again every time — we will get this hooked up to our recurring delivery system so that you can get beers delivered every week, fortnight or month, just like you would if you were still in the office.

We’re hoping that this service will help teams working remotely for the first time get a morale boost and provide a little treat at the end of the working day or week, like our boxes and beer taps normally would.

Ultimately, using this will support DeskBeers and our suppliers through a very challenging time. We appreciate any support you are able to show for independent beer.

Please note: all DeskBeers Distributed orders will be sent by 2nd class post, which takes 2 to 3 days, to UK mainland addresses only. So please allow time for all orders to arrive before arranging your online get together with your team. There may also be a further delay in delivery as we figure out how to make this work.

We’ll make sure we’re in contact with customers throughout the process, we have jumped out of the metaphorical aeroplane, and are now piecing together the parachute on our way down. Here’s hoping for a soft landing.

Above all, please try and support any and all independent businesses at this time. The big outfits will all be there when this blows over, but your favourite independents very well may not be.


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