DeskBeers & Long Arm Brewery

Long Arm Brewery first came to our attention a few months ago. The introduction was made when Harry, Long Arm’s sales ambassador first got in touch with DeskBeers, told us about the great beer they were producing. The friendship was then cemented when we bumped into him while attending a Brew By Numbers and Weird Beard tasting event. We chatted over a few drinks finding out that we shared similar values about what good craft beer should be. Long Arm strive to make sure the highest standards are kept at all times, ensuring no corners are cut and only the best ingredients are used. Not only that but they also make beer that can be enjoyed by all drinkers, not just the hardcore craft beer fan. They get as much joy in getting a continental lager drinker to try something a little more daring as they do from satisfying the needs of the hop-heads.

The brewery is located on a plot of land adjacent to Ealing Park Tavern while their office just so happens to be but a stones throw from DeskBeers HQ. You can go down and meet the team at the brewery, you might even be lucky enough to get a brewery tour from head brewer Vlad. It’s great fun, but make sure you call ahead to confirm that spaces are available before going.

Long Arm have created a core range that manages to strike the perfect balance between familiar and adventurous. The core range consists of four styles and we hand picked our three favourites to go inside a DeskBeers box.

Long Arm Brewing screen printed bottles

We’re very lucky to have these beers in their originally designed packaging. For the first run, Long Arm chose to screen-print the labels straight onto the bottles. The result is amazing, but it’s pretty expensive to repeat so in the future you’ll see more traditional paper labels.

DeskBeers sends out great tasting craft beer like this every week. If you want to try great beer from the latest breweries just like Long Arm Brewery why not sign up to our regular delivery service?



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