How we’re building a Content, Research and Design community

Annika Franklin
Nov 8, 2018 · 4 min read

Here at Deliveroo we have an amazing Content, Research and Design team (granted I’m probably biased), made up of over 40 product designers, content designers and researchers. We’ve created a community of people who share the same desire to create the best products for consumers, riders and restaurants.

Even though we’re a close knit team the reality of our roles means we sit with our respective product teams, scattered around the office. This makes it hard to feel like one team, but our regular team meetings, socials and offsites help us remember that the support is there for each other. It’s also crucial for development as a team, as individuals and outside of Deliveroo that we help to create a community that everyone wants to be a part of.

My role at Deliveroo is to assist in making this happen, ensuring that we spend time together on a regular basis. Below are just a few of the things we do to make this happen.

Bi-weekly team meetings

We use this time to share updates on the different projects and products everyone has been working on. We do this on a rotational basis through our four key product areas: Consumer, Delivery, Restaurants and Growth. It’s also a good chance for other areas of the business like Finance to come and present updates.

We’ve also started to host show and tell/Q&A sessions with external companies, so far we’ve done one with Monzo and have our next one lined up with Trainline. It’s a great opportunity to find out how Content, Research and Design teams work in other companies. (If you’re reading this and think we could do the same with your team, get in touch by emailing

Quarterly socials

It’s so important to spend time together outside of the work environment, whether that’s a few drinks after work on a Friday or a planned team social every quarter. Obviously everyone here loves food, however we try to mix things up and not always have our social based around that. It’s really important to ensure we build a diverse team, and a part of that is making sure our socials don’t always revolve around drinking or require people to stay late after work. A few things we’ve done this year include Bounce, CraftWork and The Underground Cookery School.

A few of the team relaxing after a busy day!

Yearly Offsite

We were lucky enough to take 2 days out of the office and head to the Norfolk countryside in May this year. After carefully shepherding 40 people onto the tube, the train and a coach we arrived at our wonderful accommodation Barsham Barns. This relaxing and tranquil location was perfect for us to spend time all together as the CRD team to focus on our mission and strategy outside of day to day work. A couple of the team ran an ethics workshop and we had an external coach from MindGym run a session on ‘your impact on others’. As well as a jam packed agenda throughout the days we made sure we had time to unwind and made the most of all of that fresh country air with a walk, and a trip to the local pub.

CRD Offsite at Barsham Barns in Norfolk


We’re not just about creating a CRD community within Deliveroo, we also feel very strongly about helping to build the Content, Research and Design communities across London.

We’ve started to regularly host meetups on our Roo pitch, you may have even been along to one of them recently:

  • Content Deli (24th July 2018) — Conversational content design.
  • Convey Meetup (10th September 2018) — The design community for transport transformers.
  • Figma Meetup (30th October 2018) — Scaling design to everyone: design systems, design tools, and more.

(If you’re reading this and have an event that you think we’d be interested in hosting, get in touch by emailing

Convey Meetup held on our Roo Pitch on 10th September 2018

As well as the above we communicate on a daily basis via our team slack channels and workplace group. This is where we banter, share interesting articles, celebrate birthdays and recognise work anniversaries. We also have a daily tradition to help our growing team stay up to date with each other called WAYWO. Read Rob Hunt’s latest post to find out more about this tradition.

Hopefully this has provided some insight into how we’re building our CRD community at Deliveroo. If you have an event that you think we’d be interested in hosting or are a company which would be keen to do a show and tell/Q&A please send an email to Alternatively, if this sounds like the kind of team you want to be a part of, then your in luck as we’re hiring!

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