My first two weeks as a Content Designer at Deliveroo

A whirlwind of food and fun

Rachel McConnell
Jul 2, 2018 · 6 min read
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This month I was lucky enough to join Deliveroo’s Content, Research and Design team (CRD)as a Content Designer. I kept a diary of my first two weeks, and thought I’d share what it’s been like to start out at one of the UK’s most successful start-ups.

Day one

The first day is always a bit daunting but I’d been lucky enough to come in and meet the team a week or so before so I didn’t feel overwhelmed when I arrived and the office didn’t feel unfamiliar. First up was meeting a few people on my team and getting my laptop set up, which was a refreshingly straightforward process!

I was pleased to be asked my opinion on a line of copy in the app I’d be working on, by the product designer Christine, an encouraging start to collaborative working.

Later on I started to absorb tone of voice guidelines and style guides to get my head around the sort of language used and understand how the Deliveroo brand comes to life through their product content.

My new team took me out for lunch which was a nice ice breaker, and given that Deliveroo is so passionate about food, it was a fitting start.

Day two

I went along to my first stand up. The team is mostly engineers so a lot of the tech details were lost on me, but I knew from previous roles it wouldn’t take long to catch up.

Then I had some intro meetings with various team members. Although these meetings were a chance to find out what people do within the team, I also used them as an opportunity to ask what they find challenging about the company. More importantly, I wanted to find out how they like to work with content designers so I’ll know what’s expected of me.

I also attended a design review where I got to see what people were working on around the design team and see what one of my first projects would be. It was exciting to see some great projects underway and realise how much opportunity there was to do some great work.

Then an urgent piece of work came into me to look at for a prototype that was needed for usability testing in two days time! A bit daunting, and certainly faster than the pace I was used to working at. I started to have a look and get my head around the prototype, and thankfully Aimee, the content design manager, was on hand for all my questions.

Day three

This was our team day where the other content designers share what they’re working on and ask for feedback. I also shared my thoughts so far on the project I’d began looking at and was pleased to see I was going in the right direction.

Then we had a session where a couple of team members shared their key takeaways from a recent conference. It’s always encouraging to know there’s budget for training and development – I look forward to some content conference attendance!

Day four

Research is a key function within the CRD team so I attended some user research sessions with Melissa, our team’s researcher, to observe some rider interviews. This was really helpful as I got to understand who some of our app users are and how and why they ride with Deliveroo. Riders need an efficient system, so working on the app they use means I’ll be helping to make it as easy as possible for them to pick up and deliver orders. I made notes on their language choices too, which will help me later on when I’m writing for our app.

Day five

I had some more intro sessions with some of the key people I’d be working with. I’d also been able to work up some content design suggestions for a project so I shared those with the product designer. It was great to get positive feedback and to see how quickly we’d be able to work on iterations.

At lunchtime I’d been nominated a lunch captain; I got to experience picking up some meals, loading my Deliveroo backpack and delivering them to the hungry office staff! This is part of the initiation into life at Deliveroo – everyone mucks in, no matter who they are. It’s also encouraged to go out and make some customer deliveries either by bike or on foot. I’ll definitely do this at some point in the next few weeks!

Day six

I had my ‘hello’ day where I got to meet some of the other newbies and get to know more about the company’s journey so far. This was a great brand induction and better than I’d had at some previous places I’d worked.

I was also assigned a buddy; someone who’s been in the company a bit longer than me who I’d be able to meet up with every few weeks for chats and support. It’s a really nice touch to be paired up with someone who works in a completely different part of the business. I asked her questions about how she’d found settling in. People seem to settle in really quickly here though and she gave me a few tips to help me find my way around.

For lunch I ordered a Deliveroo so I could experience the service first hand (sadly I can’t get it in my home town), it was super easy, the rider was friendly and my food was delicious!

I then created some urgent error messaging for a project – it seems that moving quickly is part of start-up life!

Day seven

I attended some more usability testing. This time the research was to see how a new concept landed with riders.

In the afternoon I then worked on the content that would educate riders on the concept. It really helped to have their perspective from the usability testing fresh in my mind.

Day eight

This was my second team crit and I felt like I could contribute a lot more now as I had a better understanding of what everyone was working on, which felt good. I also got to present how I’d developed some work based on feedback from the previous week’s meeting.

For the second half of the session we worked on some exercises to help develop our tone of voice, to lay the foundations for the future of our team’s content design.

Day nine

I got to upload my first ‘job’ onto PhraseApp, the translation tool we work with, where it’ll be translated for other markets. Learning a new tool is always tricky but luckily Aimee was on hand to show me the ropes (and help me improve the brief I’d written for the translators).

I spent the afternoon at UX event. It felt good to tell people I worked at Deliveroo and that we’re hiring!

Day ten

Today I got to enjoy the free lunch delivery without doing the heavy lifting – a lovely reward at the end of a long week!

I got given some great new merch too – Deliveroo T shirts are worn with pride about the office.

In the afternoon I ran some copy past the team which I’d missed the mark on a bit – that’s why team critique is so important!

…a whirlwind start!

On my way home I took a bit of time to reflect on my first two weeks. Questionable train journeys aside (I’m also getting used to a long commute) it’s been great. I feel as if I’ve had a good balance between inductions and actually getting stuck into the job. It’s gone so quickly but I get the impression that the pace of work at Deliveroo means each week just flies by.

I was worried about juggling my work and home life – I have two boys I have to get back for in the week and take to school most mornings – but I’ve been able to work in my travel time or evening which helps enormously.

I’m not going to pretend I can remember the name of everyone I’ve met, or that I won’t need a bit more hand holding when working with new tools (I’ve already lined up some training for GitHib and Sketch). But Deliveroo feels like somewhere where it’s OK to ask a lot of questions – everyone is approachable and helpful, and I’m looking forward to making new friends and helping to deliver (sorry!) some amazing products!

We’re always looking for new talent to join CRD, why not have a look at our roles on

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